How to make fabric bathroom storage boxes – for toiletries, make-up and hair accessories

Follow these simple instructions to make colourful stitched containers

Fabric storage boxes are a quick and easy make for stashing all kinds of household items, from bathroom essentials to make-up and hair accessories. They also make pretty nifty planters – just ensure your plant pot is watertight at the bottom!

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These fun fabric boxes are also a thrifty project for using up odd fat quarters and look best when using contrasting fabrics for the inner and outer sections. Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to make yours in three sizes.

How to make fabric bathroom storage boxes

What you'll need


(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

1. Cut out your fabrics

Using the below measurements, cut out your chosen fabrics to size.


  • 4 x Outer 27cm (width) x 21cm (height) rectangles
  • 1 x Outer 27cm x 27cm square
  • 4 x Inner 27cm (width) x 21cm (height) rectangles
  • 1 x Inner 27cm x 27cm square


  • 4 x Outer 16cm (width) x 22cm (height) rectangles
  • 1 x Outer 16cm x 16cm square
  • 4 x Inner 16cm (width) x 22cm (height) rectangles
  • 1 x Inner 16cm x 16cm square


  • 4 x Outer 13.5cm (width) x 19cm (height) rectangles
  • 1 x Outer 13.5cm x 13.5cm square
  • 4 x Inner 13.5cm (width) x 19cm (height) rectangles
  • 1 x Inner 13.5cm x 13.5cm square

Once you’ve cut out your pieces, press them flat using a warm iron.

2. Add the interfacing

scissor with fabric piece

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Cut interfacing 1cm smaller than each fabric piece all round (this keeps the seam allowances free). Following the packet instructions, iron the interfacing to the centre of each piece. You will need to do this for the outer layer of the larger box to provide extra stability, but the smaller boxes don’t need this.

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3. Sew the inner sides together

sewing machine stitching fabric piece

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew two inner sides together lengthways and right sides (the pattern sides) facing. Add the next rectangle until all four rectangles are sewn in a row. Fold the open sides together and sew right sides together to create a cube.

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4. Attach the bottom

sewing fabric piece of bottom sides

(Image credit: TBC)

Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew the bottom square piece to the sides, right sides together, to form a cube.

5. Make the outer box

Repeat steps 3-4 using the outer fabric pieces to create the outer box. Turn the right way out and insert the inner layer inside.

6. Sew up the top

sewing fabric piece of top sides

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Fold the top edges of both the inner and outer layers inwards by 1cm and pin to secure. Sew around the top edge to close. Fold the top over to reveal the contrasting inner.

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7. Place in position

fabric bathroom storage boxe

(Image credit: TBC)

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Your storage boxes are now finished!

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