How to panel a wall using gutter pipes – try this easy DIY step-by-step

Learn how to panel a wall with this DIY hack from interior stylist Luke Arthur Wells and COAT paints

Right now, you can't turn a page in a magazine or scroll on Pinterest without spotting wall panelling. This nostalgic style is making a comeback thanks to hit Netflix series, Bridgerton - think grand drawing rooms with ornate wooden alcoves.

Looking for modern wall panelling ideas? Don't worry, there are lots of contemporary takes on the trend and easy hacks on how to panel a wall using DIY store essentials.

Interior stylist and blogger, Luke Arthur Wells, has teamed up with COAT Paints to create two limited edition paint colours - Well Grounded and Humble. He's showcasing these new shades with this step-by-step DIY.

Panelling a wall – what you'll need

panelling wall

(Image credit: COAT Paints )
  • MDF (or other board for the backing)
  • Wood battens
  • PVC gutter pipes (122mm wide)
  • Circular or mitre saw
  • PVC instant adhesive
  • 180 grit sandpaper
  • Eggshell paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Wall fixing/mount

How to panel a wall - step-by-step

1. Construct the backboard

Start by constructing your backboard to the required size. Make a simple frame using wood battens to the height of the MDF boards.

2. Attach the MDF boards

Fix the MDF boards to the front of the frame using a hammer and nails or nail gun. Leave the board flat to make it easier to attach the pipes.

3. Cut the gutter pipes

Use a circular saw to cut the gutter pipes to the same height as your board. Try to buy a length of pipe that minimises waste when cutting.

how to panel wall step 1

(Image credit: COAT Paints)

4. Sand the gutter pipes

Once you've cut the required number of pieces, use 180 grit sandpaper to key the outside of the pipes. This will help the paint grip to the surface later on.

5. Glue the cut pipes

Apply PVC adhesive to the board using an applicator. Fix the cut pipes one by one. Apply pressure to ensure the pipes stick and allow to dry and cure before the next step.

how to panel wall step 2

(Image credit: COAT Paints)

6. Paint the panelling

Paint the pipes using an eggshell paint. If you prefer, prime the surface first. Otherwise, the pipes will require three or four light coats to ensure complete coverage.

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7. Fix the panel to the wall

Once the paint is dry, fix the whole panel to the wall. If you have space on the board to drill, you can use screws and rawl plugs. Alternatively, use a flush mount plate fixing on the board and wall.

cream colour wall panelling

(Image credit: COAT Paints)

And you're done. It's one of many easy DIY projects you can do in a weekend.

'There's always been this perception that beige is boring, but just like any colour, there's a lot of variety in tone to play around with. Humble and Well Grounded are a duo of rich yet energetic beige and taupe. There's a certain playful quality to these colours that I think brings a lot of character to the room,' says Luke.

'This super-sized 3D feature wall is another take on the panelling trend. I made it using PVC gutters, from the local DIY store, cut to size and mounted onto a backboard. It's super dramatic and adds an amazing texture to the space.'

Stephanie Durrant
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