How to work Rio style at home

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  • Get ready for an Amazonian Explosion

    1, Don’t be afraid to go all out

    Go big or go home…or, in this case, go big in your home! You don’t have to keep Brazilian style subtle, more really can be more. Take inspiration from this showstopping living room with its geometric chandelier, bright colours and an unashamedly confident mix of patterns.

    2, Accent with precious metals

    Nothing sets off the natural colours associated with the Amazon like metallics. This array of terrariums and ornaments stay on the right side of chic as they are all the same shade of gold as the shelving unit and highlight the earthy greens of the plants.

    3, Mix up your materials

    Why limit yourself to only one fantastic Brazilian pattern when there are so many to choose from?! Print clashing is a fine art and when done properly can be incredibly striking. Try sticking to the same shades to create cohesion.

    4, Accessorise with nature

    The Amazon is known for many things, but probably nothing so much as its flora and fauna. Bring a slice of the foliage into your home by dressing surfaces with bouquets of brightly coloured flowers or banana plants (the sheen on their leaves is really spectacular!). Even if your thumb is more brown than green, pick up some bits and pieces decorated with flowers like the small vase above.

    5, Make a statement with your wallpaper

    Is the rainforest one flat colour? No. Exactly, so take note of those natural layers of colour and texture and use a multi-coloured and patterned wallpaper. Whether you go graphic or stick with a more subtle design, you’ll have a stunning background for your new Rio-inspired room. Pick up on your favourite shades by painting a shelf a strong block colour like above – both the wall and shelf will double their impact.

    6, Interpret the theme your own way

    Even a trend as strong and recognisable as the Rio de Janeiro look can be adapted for more quiet tastes. Try using Amazonian-inspired prints replicated in monochrome for a chic city version – suddenly your wooden dressing table is elevated from traditional to exotic and modern.

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