Is there such a thing as cat-proof flooring?

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  • Stylish, hard-wearing flooring that will stand up to your cat’s claws

    Most cat owners love their pets unconditionally, but what we don’t love are some of their less-pleasant habits.

    Finding the odd dead mouse by the back door is almost bearable, but damaged carpets and flooring from your cat sharpening its claws are a much more frustrating and costly problem (they’ve got a scratching block, why can’t they use it?!).

    Before you banish your cat to the kitchen/utility room/garden shed, we have some stylish feline-friendly flooring solutions that might just help.

    Wool carpet is generally a big no no for cats, as they can really get their claws into it and when they pull it apart the damage is obvious. A practical solution is flat-weave sisal flooring or matting, and one of the flattest sisals around is a plain weave from Crucial Trading called Linen, which comes in four neutral tones, including Pewter C7103 (above). You could also try City in Tawny CY309, which is a tightly woven sisal bouclé that should conceal any fibres pulled loose by your cat.

    Whether you have cats, dogs or children, sisal is also ideal for high-use areas of the home, such as hallways, stairs and living rooms, as it is durable and very hardwearing. Alternative Flooring has sisal bouclé in a range of neutral colourways, including Brockton 1219 and Braemere 1236 (above).

    Sisal is often used on scratching blocks for cats, so be warned that these floorings may become a prime target for claw sharpening.

    Another option is to lay wood flooring and place a sisal runner on top. Ikea stocks the Osted rug, which comes in five size options and two colours: natural (above) and brown. It looks the same on both sides, so once one side has worn down (or been scratched) you can reverse it and it will last for even longer. In addition, it has a fairly inexpensive price tag, so could be replaced without great cost should your cat get the better of it.

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