Make your own stencilled mini candle pots

Paint a terracotta pot in a subtle shade, using a stencil brush for a mottled effect

candle pots and beaded wire

(Image credit: TBC)

Attach a stencil with tabs of masking tape and stipple the design in a contrasting shade. When dry, remove the stencil. You can outline the edge of the stencil with a pencil for a more defined look. Glue ribbon or rickrack around the rim of the pot, followed by beaded wire. Use a blob of Plasticine to fill the hole in the bottom of the pot, put a pillar candle inside and fill all round with sand. Push in a few stems of heather, but keep foliage well clear of the candle's flame.

You will need
• Small terracotta pot (we found ours at Grand Illusions for £2.60 each but you might
find one in the potting shed - make sure it's the right size for candle - see Pillar candle, below)

• Small pots of emulsion paint in 2 different shades - subtle and contrasting (you may have leftover paint from recent
decorating projects)

• Small paint brush

  • Stencil of suitable size in a design of your choice
  • Masking tape

• Stencil brush

  • Ribbon or rickrack in a toning shade
  • White water-based craft glue

• Beaded wire (try Oasis beaded wire, available on ebay)

  • Small blob of Plasticine
  • Pillar candle, taller and narrower than the pot (for a similar style to ours, try the Fenomen candle at Ikea)
  • Sand to anchor the candle

• A few stems of heather

Step one
Wash and dry the terracotta pot, then paint it in the first shade. When the paint is dry, attach the stencil to the pot with tabs of masking tape.

Step two

Stipple the stencil design evenly with the stencil brush, using the contrasting shade of paint. When the paint is dry, wind the ribbon or rackrack round the rim on the pot using a bit extra so there isn't a gap. Glue. Repeat with the beaded wire.

Step three
Plug the hole in the bottom of the pot with a good blob of Plasticine, add the pillar candle, then add sand to come just below the top of the rim. Add the heather to decorate, making sure it will be nowhere near the flame when the candle burns down (it may need to be removed later on for safety's sake).

These pots look beautiful as a country table decoration. They also make lovely gifts. Choose paint colours that suit your room scheme and, for a seasonal take on the stencils, look for pretty designs to suit. Or personalise them with an initial stencil or motif that will have special meaning for the recipient.

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