The art of pressing flowers

Create a keepsake of flowers, petals and leaves to archive the changing seasons

Love pressed flowers? Here a few simple ideas to create beautiful displays with dried flowers...

Decorate pretty gift tags

gift with green paper wrap and gift tag

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Simple pressed petals are shown off beautifully on easy-to-make parcel labels. Separate off single petals from a flower head before pressing. When dry arrange and secure into a small luggage label with little blobs of craft glue. Allow to dry then stick the label onto a bigger version using a glue stick. Allow to dry before threading through a length of pretty twine, string or narrow ribbon.

Tip... Take care when handling the finished label and parcel to avoid damaging the petals.

Fill a notebook with favourite florals

notebook with pressed flower and leaves

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Keep a record of what's growing in your garden or in local hedgerows in a notebook filled with pressed flowers and leaves. Use a notebook made with thick paper so the pages are less likely to pucker. Arrange the flowers with tweezers on each spread of pages. Secure in place with a small blob of glue. Allow the glue to dry before moving on to the next spread of pages.

Tip: A ring-bound notebook is much easier to flip through than one with a glued spine.

Mount foliage in a frame

frame with plants leaves and plant in glass jar

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Pressed leaves look lovely mounted under glass, retaining their colour for years.Dismantle a photo frame, setting aside the back piece. Cut
out a piece of sturdy card to fit the frame, then cut out a smaller
front piece from card or paper and snip off the corners.Stick the front piece onto the backing card using a glue stick and allow to dry.Using tweezers, arrange the pressed leaf specimens, snipping stems
where necessary, then secure with blobs of craft glue. Allow to dry. Reassemble the frame, replacing the back piece.

Style idea - Try using burnished autumn leaves later in the year for a different colour option

Create quick pressed-flower postcards

postcards with flower and leaves stick with green tape

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Craft up speedy pictures or
postcards with pressed flowers or leaves and strips of washi tape in
colours that contrast with or compliment the petals and foliage.Snip flowers with scissors to fit blank postcards.Position on the card and secure in place with small blobs of craft glue, then allow to dry. Add strips of decorative washi tape to finish. Arrange the cards on the wall in a group for added impact.


Mount a group in a large frame for a permanent display.


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