Smart ideas for display

Arrange mementoes, photographs, collections and artwork beautifully to add style to your walls

Follow the rule of three

When hanging a row of similar prints, stick to the old stylist's
rule that odd numbers work best in a line-up. For a structured finish,
go for a set from the same artist, making sure they're uniform in size,
then hang them in matching frames. Place the artworks above a smart
to complement the angular style.

textured wall with butterfly prints and black table with glass jar

(Image credit: cox & cox)

Framed butterfly prints, £200 for three, Cox & Cox

Use clothes hangers

Try simple wooden trouser hangers for
a fun way to display prints - with these, it's quick to swap around the artwork, making them ideal for your kids' creations.

white wall with cloth hanger and prints

(Image credit: johnlewis)

For similar hangers try beech clamp hangers, £8 for three, John Lewis

Hang a plate collection

A great idea for a kitchen or dining room wall, a plate display can be made up of your favourite china, or start a new collection in colours that complement, or contrast with, the room scheme. Simply fix to the wall using special plate hangers.

dinner area with grey wall and plates and display and shelve and dinner table with chair

(Image credit:

Gilded Dinnerware plates, Fishs Eddy range, West Elm

Line up vintage mirrors

A great idea for a room that has a strong colour scheme, this
is the perfect way to bring life to a small or dark space, such as a
bathroom. Fix picture ledges to the walls, then paint the same colour as
the wall so they don't stand out. Arrange
a collection of vintage mirrors and reflective objects on the shelves to
bounce light around the room, ensuring that breakable items and mirrors
are secured firmly to the wall.

bathroom with blue wall and mirror display

(Image credit: TBC)

Share old mementoes

Dig out precious keepsakes - think old tickets, bits of maps, vintage photos and pressed flowers - and create a collage in double-sided frames.

white wall with double sided picture frame and white pot

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Double-sided frames, from £12.95 each,
Decorator's Notebook

String up inspiration

Fix a length of string or wire to your office wall, then peg on inspiring swatches, photos and postcards to help get creative juices flowing.

peg display with white wall and photos and inspiring swatches and postcards

(Image credit:

For similar try Hang It photo display,

For a relaxed but unified display, line up different monochrome picture frames in varying sizes on shallow picture ledges. Get a classic, sophisticated look with black-and-white prints, or go for a fun feel with kids' artwork.

white wall and white sofa and shelve and picture frame

(Image credit: The white company)

Do Small Things framed poster, £50; frames, from £30 each; all The White Company. For similar ledges, try the Knoppäng, £8.50 each, Ikea

Get crafty with off cuts

Use embroidery hoops to show off swatches of your favourite fabrics

grey wall with embroidery hoops and fabric

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For similar hoops, try the wood embroidery hoops bundle, £6 for three, Hobbycraft