Tiny kittens rescued from underneath concrete floor in Brazil

The kittens are believed to have fallen down a drainage pipe and survived underneath the concrete floor for several days

A litter of tiny kittens have been rescued from a building in Brazil after people passing by heard meowing sounds coming from the concrete floor they were walking on.

For the last week or so, people frequenting the local Cultural Center in Araras, Brazil, had been puzzled to hear the noises and tried alerting officials that animals may be trapped. However, local reports suggest that they were told to turn a blind eye.

A witness, Kirk Davies posted a video on his Facebook page, showing construction workers drilling through the ground to try to rescue the kittens.

In the footage, a man - thought to be a worker from a local utility company - is seen drilling through the tiles with a jackhammer, being as careful as possible to ensure the kittens are don't have to suffer any unesccary harm.

The worker stops after several minutes to whisper down the hole to try to entice the kittens out, who can be heard meowing.

resuce team with concrete drilling machine

(Image credit: TBC)

Eventually, the rescuers hit the
mark. Inside the pipe they found four tiny kittens, amazingly still
alive and kicking despite their long ordeal. The first kitten to be taken out of the pipe is a tiny black and white four-legged feline who meows and mews after being lifted to safety.

black kitten rescued by rescue team

(Image credit: TBC)

It is believed that the kittens had been born on the roof of the building, but fell into the rain gutter's drainage pipe. Since the rescuers didn't know precisely where that pipe lay, it was a matter of trial and error to find it.

Giullya Nahirniak wrote on Facebook: 'If it was not for the strength of the will of the people... they were going to die trapped inside.

'Some people talked about leaving them alone. But these guys don't give up easy and the rescue was successful.'

Thankfully, the kittens are now being well looked-after by the people of Araras.