Transform a room with one pot of paint

With a little imagination and not much time at all, you could add a little colour and a lot of style to a space.

When you're tired of your room scheme but a full redecoration is not an option, then open up that cupboard where all the half-finished pots of paint are kept.

Go ombre

transform room with one pot of paint

(Image credit: B&Q)

For similar paint shades, try Sun Sparkle, You Are My Sunshine and Oopsy Daisy Premium Walls & Ceilings, all £26.98 for 2.5ltr, Valspar range, B&Q

Create a graduated effect using three shades of the same colour. Paint all of the wall in the palest shade, then paint the middle horizontal section in the medium shade. For the lower third of the wall, use the darkest shade of paint. Finally, mix the light shade with the medium, and the dark with the medium, then use a dry brush to blend the sections.

Put colour in all the wrong places

room with wooden flooring and dinning table

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Window trim painted in Ravishing Red Aura Semi-Gloss paint, £23 for 0.94ltr, Benjamin Moore

For a contemporary look, create a striking contrast by introducing an accent shade against white walls. Use paint to pick out architectural details, such as around a window or beneath

an arch or dividing-wall beam. Rather than disguising pipework, make a feature of it by giving it a coat of eggshell paint - use either a bold, eye-catching shade or one that complements the wall colour.

Create a chic display

transform room with one pot of paint

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Make shelves blend in - and what's on them stand out - by painting them the same colour as your walls. Sand laminate shelves well first, then apply a primer, such as Zinsser's Bulls Eye,
£14.39 for 1ltr, Screwfix.

Paint a scribble wall

transform room with one pot of paint

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Wall painted in black matt chalkboard paint, £11.73 for 1ltr, Colours range, B&Q

Is your desk or dining table forever buried under a mound of Post-it notes and to-do lists?
Clear the clutter and create an organisation hub by painting a feature wall in chalkboard paint - the bigger the scale, the higher the decorative impact will be. Use it to set up a timetable for the week, write shopping lists or just to leave each other notes - it's a blank canvas, so the possibilities are endless.

Don't miss the details

home with painted stairs

(Image credit: Mylands of London)

For a similar paint, try the Bridge Blue Wood & Metal Eggshell, £26 for 1ltr, Mylands of London

Take a look at which architectural features you could highlight or areas
that lack visual structure or simply need a standout focal point, such as stair rises. Use a washable eggshell paint to add lasting colour.

Follow the lines

home with wooden table and umbrella

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For a small pop of colour, paint a trim above the skirting on a staircase or around a door. Skirting painted in Urbane Grey and Lamp Black Intelligent Eggshell, both £54.50 for 2.5ltr, Little Greene

Get in the zone

dining room and table and chair

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Define a dining area in an open-plan space by painting a circle in a shade that tones with the main wall colour.

Make a kid's room magical

bedroom with radiator and wooden flooring

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Classic poplar wood solid raised shutters painted in Dulux Spring Breeze, £159 per sq m, California Shutters. Mini star stickers, £16, Ferm Living

You don't have to be an artist to turn a kid's room into a haven for creative play. Use masking tape to design a mountain range or geometric shapes, then paint inside the lines.

Add an extra hit of colour by painting shutters in a bold shade using eggshell for a soft finish.