7 ways to heat your home eco-friendly style!

Just a few changes will help you avoid turning the heating up when temperatures are low…

1. Decorate rooms with a warm palette

Deep rich hues such as plum and terracotta have been proven to increase adrenaline and breathing rate, raising your body temperature and helping to make you feel warmer.

living room with magenta walls sofa set with cushions and fireplace

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2. Cover bare floors

Did you know that floors account for up to 10% heat loss if they're not insulated? Deep-pile knitted carpets and rugs are the solution, and provide snuggly comfort underfoot.

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3. Craft a draft-excluder

The easiest way to beat under-door chills;
simply cut the leg off a pair of woolly tights, stuff with fabric scraps and sew closed.

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? Have a go at this easy

blue doors with curtains wooden flooring and door

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4. Let the sun shine

Make the most of natural (and free!) heat in the form of sunlight. Keep your curtains open all day but close them as soon as dusk falls - invest in thick curtains with a thermal lining to retain the day's warmth.

white walls bedroom curtains with white window

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5. Block up an unlit fireplace

For a temporary solution, a chimney balloon made from a special laminate inflates to prevent frosty air flowing down the flue - be sure to remove it before lighting a fire though! Visit chimneyballoon.co.
uk for more details.

fireplace white walls and armchair with cushion and woods

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6. Reflect heat

Place good-quality kitchen foil behind your radiators to prevent the heat disappearing through walls by reflecting it back into the room.

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7. Insulate your home

Looking for eco-friendly wall, floor or roof insulation? NaturePro's blend of sheep's wool and recycled plastic has natural properties to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, £56.05 for eight 1.2m rolls.

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