What shade of Farrow & Ball are you?

Stay safe with white or be daring with red? If you're not sure what colour to paint your home, read on!

There's no doubt about it, we're all drawn to different colours when it comes to interior design - one person's showcase shade is another's cover-up job! From classic neutrals to contemporary brights, Farrow & Ball have a palette to suit every taste, but what does your choice say about you...?

dix blue wall chair window with books and radio

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Dix Blue, No. 82

Reminiscent of cloudless skies and crystal-clear lakes, cool blue walls bring a feeling of tranquility to any room. If Dix Blue appeals, you likely see your home as a little oasis of calm, a serene retreat away from hectic day-to-day life. To avoid a chilly feel, introduce warmth with patterned furnishings and accessories.

yellow wall with white cabinet wooden flooring and yellow chair

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Yellowcake, No. 279

A sunny shade for a sunny person! Those who are drawn towards yellow are friendly, welcoming and love to entertain. Show off your warm personality by choosing Yellowcake. Its luminous quality encourages positive thoughts - use it in sociable rooms such as the dining room or snug for happy get-togethers with friends and family.

green wall potted plants and wooden flooring

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Breakfast Room Green, No. 81

If green walls appeal, you're more than likely an outdoorsy person - a stroll through the countryside surrounded by nature is where you feel most at peace. Recreate this feeling of harmony with Breakfast Room Green. A muted shade inspired by leafy botanicals, it retains its upbeat hue in any light, making it a great choice for your most lived-in rooms.

red door red wall with wooden flooring and chair with books

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Book Room Red, No. 255

Love earthy tones? It's safe to say you're all about comfortable, rustic styling - a classic country cottage is likely to be your dream dwelling. You'll love the artisan feel of Bookroom Red; use in your lounge or bedroom to hibernate in happiness all year round.

indigo blue wall with blue door and table with chair

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Stiffkey Blue, No.281

Stiffkey Blue, No.281

Those inspired by rich, jewel tones strive to bring a touch of elegance into everything they do - including their décor.
Outgoing and confident, you're not afraid to go bold with colour. Contrast Stiffkey Blue with Brassica (No. 271, shown on the here on the woodwork) for a room with plenty of va-va-voom!

attic room with white walls wash basin and mirror on wall

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Wimbourne White, No. 239

Surprisingly, those who paint their walls white often have the most confidence in their interior taste and are often colour enthusiasts. A keen follower of trends but practical in nature, you've made the decision to achieve the look you want with accessories and furnishings - saves you re-painting walls every time you browse House to Home!


white walls wooden flooring with fireplace

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Purbeck Stone, No. 275

Sophisticated yet reserved, grey-lovers aren't ones for bold colour statements on walls - they prefer to let their possessions do the talking. Make it the focal point of a room rather than the backdrop by working three different shades. A light colour such as Wevet (No.
273) works well on walls - contrast with darker shades (Purbeck Stone and Down Pipe (No.26)) on woodwork and flooring for chic, understated style.

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