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  • Bring a natural touch to your home with simple projects created from seasonal finds

    Ribbon leaf garland

    Bring an autumnal touch to a room with strings of leaves, berries and seed pods. Gather together groups of leaves, berries, Chinese Lantern seed pods in varying autumnal colours. Tie tightly together with a length of decorative ribbon or garden twine, leaving the ends long. Repeat until you have made several bunches. Tie these bunches along a long piece of ribbon staggered at intervals then drape around furniture, mantels and frames.

    Style tip… Add mini pumpkins by piercing the fruit with a bodkin or tapestry needle threaded with twine then tie to the foliage bunches.

    Forager’s arrangement

    Branches, berries, nuts and mini pumpkins make a colourful combination in this pretty display. To create assemble the natural decorations first. Thread the pumpkins with a loop of twine using a strong bodkin or tapestry needle, then knot underneath. Tie a loop of ribbon around walnut shells – leave ribbon ends long for tying to the branches. Assemble the arrangement by half filling a vase with mini pumpkins and poppy seed heads. Push willow and berry branches into the vase then drape with miniature fairy lights. Hang up the prepared walnuts and pumpkin decorations. Place the whole vase on a tray then scatter leaves, berries, more walnuts and pumpkins and even the odd mushroom or two around the base for decoration. [OPT CUT] Instead of whole walnuts, use half shell pieces tied together with miniature presents, treasures or wrapped sweets inside for a secret gift idea.

    Style tip… Use a bottle shaped vase to hold the branch shapes closer together.

    Acorn and leaf napkin ties

    Seasonal foliage looks fabulous when fashioned into buttonholes with a rustic ribbon. To make begin with the acorns and twist or use a hot glue gunto glue some strong florist wire at the base to act as stalk. Choose leaves with longer stalks or stems and group together in a flat fan shape then placea couple of the acorns on top. Holding all the stems and any wires together, twist a length of raffia around the stems from top to bottom, tying the ends together at the base. Lay on top of a folded napkin then tuck into a tied ribbon. Alternatively, attach a long length of raffia to the shaft of the buttonhole to tie direct to the napkin instead of the pushing into a ribbon

    Style tip… Add different leaves as the year moves on. Spruce and berries would give a very festive Christmas touch or blossom, or orchard leaves and fruit for a spring or summery feel.

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