7 easy property updates that will add value to your home

Freshen up your home with these simple updates that will totally transform your space

When it come to home improvements it’s worth thinking about updates that will make the most impact with as little cash as possible. From a quick paint refresh to a serious declutter, there are lots of simple ways to add value to your home.

1. Freshen up the paint work
A simple paint job can transform your home in countless ways. Is your kitchen looking tired? Why not paint the cabinets for a shaker look? Want to cover up marks or stains, why not refresh the walls with a lick of paint? If you are looking to sell your home stick to neutral colours such as white, taupes and greys.

2. Plaster
Although it can be messy and you’ll have to employ someone to do it, it’s well worth having rooms re-plastered if they are looking a bit dodgy. Peeling wallpaper, bumps and damage can make a house look shabby. A fresh plaster job can instantly add value to your home (and it’s not as much upheaval as you think)

3. Declutter and tidy
A messy home can make the place look crampt and uncared for. Have a big clear out and start being mindful of clutter. Make sure everything is organised and has it’s own place. Encourage the whole family to get involved and help you to create some sort of system for their toys, books and other items.

4. Clean
A deep clean can totally transform a home. From washing down skirting boards and windows to tackling grimy grout and lime scale, you’ll be surprised at how far a bottle of bleach and a lot of elbow grease can go.

5. Display your best items
Have you got lots of items stored away in cupboards or the loft? Saving your cutlery/vases/tablecloths for ‘best’? Start displaying your favourite items, it will instantly put a smile on your face and make your home look better, too.

6. Consider tiles
If you have tatty old laminate in the kitchen or dodgy floorboards in the hallway, consider tiles. It will totally transform the space and add value to your home.[]

7. Sort the garden
Cut back plants, get rid of weeds and give your lawn a bit of TLC, these are all simple things that will change the look and feel of your outside space. Give the furniture and sheds a quick clean too, it will make all the difference.