Rise of the she-shed: women stake their claim on the humble garden outbuilding once the preserve of men

The traditional man-cave is being replaced by the she-shed as women seek a room of their own in the back garden

Watch out men! A new poll shows that the traditional man-cave is being replaced by the she-shed.

After years laying claim to the humble garden outbuilding, women are turning the tables and transforming sheds for all manner of different uses.

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A survey conducted by the in-home interiors specialists Hillarys revealed that 14% of the couples asked considered the shed a 'female domain', while only 13% thought it a 'male domain'. The most popular female domains were the kitchen and
garden; the most popular male domains the bathroom and

Research shows that more women are starting businesses and working from home so that could account for the swing in popularity.

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Sheds and garden rooms are being used in many different ways, from outdoor offices and craft and hobby studios to writing rooms. Alongside working spaces, they are providing gyms and chill-out spaces for relaxing and enjoying a little me-time away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

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'It's interesting to see that the shed is now becoming the woman's domain,' says Sarah Qulliam, Head of Product Design at Hillarys.

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Sarah's tips for making the most of a she-shed include positioning it with the best view of the garden, including good insulation, ensuring lots of natural daylight and fitting smart blinds for privacy and light control. 'Add beautiful objects, books, flowers and gorgeous lighting,' says Sarah, 'and think about a log burner to make it an all-year-round cosy and useable space.'

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