Make an entrance with your perfect doormat

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  • It's the first thing visitors will see, so make sure your doormat makes the right impression. We've picked our favourite, most stylish designs

    Do you think any old doormat will do? We beg to differ! They aren’t
    just there for wiping the mud off your dirty shoes (and paws) – although
    obviously that’s important, too. You can use a doormat to greet your
    guests, give them a taste of your style and brighten up your hallway. So
    which is your favourite?

    Fans of mid-century modern will love this Dandelions doormat (50cm x 75cm) from Missprint, £20, John Lewis . The only problem is, it’s so pretty, would your guests dare to wipe their feet on it?

    If that’s too fussy for you, how about keeping it simple with this Striped doormat (45cm x 70cm), £14.99, H&M?

    Maths geeks will love this tessellating Geo Brights doormat from Oliver Bonas and it’s a good option if you want to injects some colour into your hallway or, if you have a back door there, your kitchen. It costs £16.

    Turtle Mat doormats may cost a bit more, but they are made from a special type of cotton so they can absorb more dirt and water, and be popped in your washing machine for a thorough clean. This Apples and Pears design is part of the Country Living Collection, measures 60cm x 85cm and costs £49.95.

    This well-mannered mat makes a great first impression – well, as my mum always says, ‘It doesn’t hurt to be nice’. It’s part of the Bloomingville range at Amara, which is heavy on cheery greetings – ‘Hello You Lovely People’ is another option. This ‘Hello You Look…’ doormat has a diameter of 70cm and costs £46.

    There are lots of things you appreciate when you move to the country – the beautiful countryside, the pitch-black, starry skys… and a decent doormat. As well as the standard coir centre, this mat also has rubber bars running across it that are effective in pulling off any stubborn bits of mud. Roman at Home’s Traditional Plain Coir and Rubber doormat costs £22.50 and measures 45cm x 76cm.

    Continuing on the country theme, we have this feminine mat from Dotcomgiftshop. If shabby chic’s your thing, this is probably the mat for you. The Botanical nonslip doormat costs £19.95 and measures 43cm x 73cm.

    Rather than roll out a red carpet, make your visitors (and the cat) feel like movie stars stepping into their latest premiere with the Star mat, £26.50, Rose & Grey. It’s a generous 40cm x 80cm.

    Finally, we have this ‘does what it says on the tin’ mat – it’s the perfect shape for small vestibules as it’s only 26cm x 75cm. It costs £16 from The Contemporary Home.

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