Storage solutions that help you organise your home

The best storage solutions for organising your home. De-clutter your home with our favourite storage and shelving ideas.

What is more stressful than a messy home? Nothing. If you feel overrun with clutter in every room, you need some smart storage solutions to organise your home. Making sure everything has its place will restore calm and order to your life and create a neat and tidy house you'll want to spend even more time in.

Our experts will help you to keep everything in check, from your shoes to your toiletries with clever tips and tricks that hide away treasured possessions - or at the very least display them in an orderly way.

Throw out those old cardboard boxes and plastic trays and introduce some chic, sleek and luxe new storage ideas. Not only will you have more space, but your home will be transformed into a stylish haven that's ready for entertaining, relaxing or even working in.

Our savviest storage solutions will conceal clutter, whether that's all your storecupboard necessities in the kitchen, an office computer and paperwork or pairs and pairs of shoes that you just can't throw away. Read on to discover smart storage solutions to hide a multitude of sins...

1/10 Record collection storage

storage book shelves

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Even if you’re down with the kids at downloading, treasured vinyl and CDs will always need a home. With media storage, bespoke units are best – design shelving to exact dimensions to make the most of every inch, allowing 1.5cm extra height so you can pull out those well-filed discs and records easily. Hideaway favourite films in some practical DVD storage to keep the living room clutter free.

Get the look: Custom Carpentry can create music storage like this.

2/10 Spacious kitchen storage

Kitchen with storage cupboards and drawers

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your kitchen pantry

Take kitchen storage to a new level with a spacious larder. You can now buy all-encompassing units, either on their own or as part of a kitchen, that can be customised with built-in spice racks or integrated knife blocks. The hot trend is an in-built breakfast station to house your kettle and toaster.

Get the look: Find this kitchen at Harvey Jones.

3/10 Chic book storage

room with storage book shelves

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your dining room

Organised doesn’t have to mean unattractive. You can keep your crockery or books in order and make a style statement with some space-saving floor-to-ceiling cupboards with sliding doors. If you're going for a striking look, choose a punchy primary paint shade – you could even hang patterned wallpaper inside for a secondary flash of colour? That way, the cupboards look equally chic open or closed.

Get the look: Sliderobes sells bespoke storage systems in a shade of your choice.

4/10 Flexible bedroom storage

room with storage clothes shelves

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your wardrobe

Although storage clothes may seem straightforward, investing in a bespoke wardrobe keeps garments in top condition. This flexible modular system uses every inch of space and can be built in endless configurations. Internal components include these smart shoe drawers, shirt and jumper cubbies, extra storage boxes and wide, soft-close drawers.

Get the look: Find this Ubik System at Poliform.

5/10 Clutter free hallway storage

hallway with cream coloured and stair with drawers

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your untapped space

As a high-traffic area, it's important to keep your hallway clutter free. Invest in a sleek storage unit for all your bits and bobs. When it comes to finding extra places to store your stuff, think outside the box and transform the space beneath stair treads into hidden drawers. They’re perfect for shoes (stash them away as soon as you come indoors), sports gear, board games or even pet paraphernalia and Christmas decorations.

Get the look: Enclosure Architects could create a staircase with drawers.

6/10 Sleek drinks cabinet storage

room with drinks cabinet storage

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your drinks cabinet

The 70s mini bar may be a distant memory, but there’s a lot to be said for storing your glassware, wines and spirits in the space where you use them most. Whether that’s the kitchen or living room, a sleek, hidden bar will keep all your entertaining equipment in one place.

Get the look: The 40 S System from Interlubke is perfect for the job.

7/10 Neat home office storage

home office storage with chair and computer

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your home office

Computers, printers and other peripheral devices are part of everyday life, particularly if you work from home. But, when work is finished, the last thing you want to do is stare at your computer monitor. A cleverly designed unit can conceal a home office in one neat, compact space.

Get the look: Domus can build a space-saving shut-away office.

8/10 Vintage bedroom storage

storage shoes and hanging cloths

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your shoe collection

Make a feature of your heels in a vintage storage unit and you’ll be tapping into two trends – reinvention and display. This dresser is the ideal place to store shoes, as it keeps them safe from damage and dust free, and you can see your chosen pair in an instant.

Get the look: For a vintage cabinet, go to LasscoElemental or Metro Retro.

9/10 Airing cupboard storage

room with linen storage white cupboard

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your linen

Pull-out storage is the ultimate way to maximise understairs or alcove space,
as you can make full use of the cupboard’s depth and put an end to
rummaging in dark corners. If you don’t have an airing cupboard, this is
the ideal space to create one – fit no less than four pull-out
linen-airing shelves.

Get the look: Visit Chiswick Woodworking Company for hand-painted pull-out drawers.

10/10 Streamlined bathroom storage

bathroom with gray wall and storage

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your bathroom lotions and potions

Storage isn’t always about concealing your belongings. Open shelving makes a feature of beautiful bottles while also allowing you to select what you need at a glance. What’s more, slimline shelving takes up very few inches in a room where space may be limited.

Get the look: Visit IKEA for stylish storage solutions to suit your style.

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