Move over Carrie Bradshaw – this fashion stylist's walk-in wardrobe is next-level glam

Animal-print carpet and a candy pink interior are just two of the stand-out features we're obsessed with

pink dressing room with walk-in wardrobe
(Image credit: Neville Johnson / @erica_davies)

How many times have you wished for a walk-in wardrobe over the years – a place where you can store your clothes and accessories so you can actually see them, with plenty of cubbyholes, drawers and hanging rails? 

And while it used to be that dressing rooms were reserved for larger homes, nowadays that's not the case at all, with flexible storage and bespoke designs meaning you can use those odd nooks and even small cupboards to gain a dedicated space for your shoe collection or fashion items.

Walk-in wardrobe makeover

Fashion stylist Erica Davies is known for her love of colour and pattern, and so having a space to display her outfits was important – however, the small cupboard  off of her bedroom with an open rail wasn't really cutting it. 

Step in bespoke furniture makers Neville Johnson, who worked with Erica to transform the space into the beautiful, luxurious wardrobe of her dreams with lots of small walk-in wardrobe ideas

Feast your eyes on this amazing makeover…



(Image credit: @erica_davies)

The cupboard in question isn't a large space, so it was going to take some clever designing in order to make the room work hard. 'I wanted to create a jewellery box of delights and Simon at Neville Johnson was able to maximise every inch,' says Erica. 'It needed to be practical and beautiful and I knew I wouldn't achieve that with anything freestanding.'


pink dressing room with walk-in wardrobe

(Image credit: Neville Johnson / @erica_davies)

And just like that… a well-lit perfectly pink storage haven was created, complete with animal-print carpet, back-lit cubbys for shoes and handbags, and plenty of space for every type of garment. 

'The installation was really smooth and the two fitters worked with meticulous precision,' Erica recalls. 'From the soft-close drawers to the integrated downlighting, the whole design is flawless.'

pink walk-in wardrobe with drawer for sunglasses and clothes storage

(Image credit: Neville Johnson / @erica_davies)

Drawers for jewellery and sunglasses have been included, with thought put into what was needed within the design. 'I worked with Simon at Neville Johnson, who was excellent at offering advice on features I hadn't even considered before,' Eria explains. 'We counted and measured every item I wanted to store before finalising the design, so we knew everything would fit!'

pink walk-in wardrobe with storage for jewellery and shoes

(Image credit: Neville Johnson / @erica_davies)

Opting for a candy pink colour was a brave move, but one that's paid off and created a fun, feminine vibe. 'The pink is a bold statement, which works perfectly in the context of Erica's home,' says Neville Johnson's furniture designer Simon Tcherniak. 'We gave her a swatch of the colour beforehand and she got a paint made up for her ceiling to complete the look.'

pink walk-in wardrobe with shoe and handbag storage

(Image credit: Neville Johnson / @erica_davies)

On the very back wall you'll notice small gold hooks, something that allow Erica to work out her outfits for the following day. Underneath, the panel is echoed by a push-front drawer, ensuring the design feels symmetrical and well-balanced. 

'There's no way I'd have been able to pack as much into this space with just freestanding furniture,' says Erica. 'Plus a bespoke design will always be used and add value to the house. I couldn't be more delighted and it's exactly what I wished and asked for. Neville Johnson have done an impeccable job.'

Laurie Davidson

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