Broadcaster Sara Cox transformed her living room with this bold heritage shade and it looks incredible

Being brave with colour has made her living room look like a whole new space

living room with Sara cox and bookcase with books
(Image credit: Dulux)

We always love to see how celebrities decorate their homes, especially when they take the plunge and experiment with pattern or colour. So when we heard that renowned broadcaster and author Sara Cox has teamed up with Dulux Heritage to transform her living room, we knew it would be worth a look – especially if you're after some living room room paint ideas.

Its not just the walls Sara has gone to town with either – she's created a fabulously colourful book nook, in celebration of Dulux Heritage's new book launch. Yes, you heard right… With a 5000% increase in searches for 'at-home libraries' this past year, the paint brand has launched its first-of-its-kind collection of 12 classic novels, featuring book covers in vibrant shades.

Colourful living room makeover

Cosying up in our living rooms means paying attention to the decor to create an environment that brings us joy – and that's exactly what Sara had in mind when she took on her living room makeover. And it's not only the decor that brings her joy, but literature too, which is something she wanted to celebrate when creating her very own book nook.


Living room with green sofa and white bookcase

(Image credit: Dulux)

Plain cream walls provided the backdrop to Sara's living room, and although she had some deep jewel colours in the carpet and sofa, it still felt as though it could be brought to life more with some wall paint.

The bookshelves, too, weren't a standout feature and needed some attention paying to them. Let's see what Sara chose in the way of colours…


living room with Sara cox and bookcase with books

(Image credit: Dulux)

It's funny how we can underestimate the impact that paint can have on a room. Having chosen a deep purple for the walls and woodwork, along with a sage green for the bookshelves, it's become a much more inviting space.'

'Sara chose to paint her book nook in Dulux Heritage Wild Blackberry, Linnet White and Sage Green,' says Dulux Heritage's Creative Director and Colour Expert Marianne Shillingford. 'These choices are ideal in that they strike the perfect balance between inspiring calm and encouraging creativity, with colours as cosy as your warmest blanket, that are also strong, rich tones that aid concentration.'

So what was it that made Sara choose these shades? 'Using my favourite classic books and how they make me feel to choose the paint colours made the decisions so much quicker,' says Sara, 'because you naturally associate colours with feelings. I was drawn to the deep purple tones of Wild Blackberry – it’s such a powerful, regal colour that transports you to fantasy lands, while being so cocooning and comforting; perfect for getting into the reading headspace.'  

books in a bookcase

(Image credit: Dulux)

The new range of 12 limited-edition books fit perfectly on Sara's newly painted bookshelves and feature some true classics. From Frankenstein to Little Women, 1984 to Wuthering Heights, the luxury books feature hand-painted covers, each with associated colours of the emotion they evoke. Literature lovers can snap up the books by entering a giveaway competition on the @duluxheritage Instagram page. 

bookcase with books

(Image credit: Dulux)

You don't have to worry about the paint chipping easily either, as Dulux Heritage is made to stand up to the demands of a busy, modern home – and you can pick from a velvet matt or eggshell finish. 

Would you take the plunge with such a bold colour?

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