Mrs Hinch shares a clever trick for removing stains – and we can't believe we didn't know this before

It’ll help you to combine two steps of your laundry routine

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Queen of Clean Mrs Hinch recently shared a clever trick for tackling laundry stains, and it should make the entire process much easier by eliminating the need for an extra product.

Doing the laundry isn’t many people's favourite chore (though no judgment if you do love spending time in your laundry room), so whenever the opportunity presents itself to make the entire process easier, you can guarantee we’ll take it. After seeing Mrs Hinch's clothes stain remover trick, we honestly can’t believe we've never noticed it before!

Mrs Hinch’s clever tip for removing stains

The viral cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe (otherwise known as Mrs Hinch) recently posted a video of a ‘Sunday reset’ to her Instagram page; where she has over 4.8 million followers.

The video begins with Mrs Hinch stripping her bed of her old bed sheets, before diving into her laundry pile.

She then goes on to reveal one of her biggest stain removal tips which helps to make laundry that bit easier. Sophie shared that she uses Bold washing liquid to clean her clothes, and utilises an unexpected part of the bottle to tackle her stains.

Sophie shared, ‘Another day, another stain. Story of my life. But have you ever noticed that the lids on your Bold bottles are textured? 

'That’s actually to help remove the stain. Pre-wash hack for life - thank me later. Lob it into the machine, and done!’ Genius!

Fans of Mrs Hinch were amazed by the revelation, admitting that they’d never noticed that their Bold bottles provided some helpful assistance when it comes to lifting out stains. 

One commenter said, ‘I learnt something today, I didn’t realise that the Bold textured head helps to remove stains, and I call myself a Hincher!’

Another agreed, admitting they were stunned by Sophie's advice. They said, ‘I was today years old when I found out that was what the lid was used for…mind blowing.’

So why and how does this trick work so well that even Mrs Hinch recommends it? Well, Gervaise Ovin, a professional cleaner at Wecasa, explains that the Bold lid trick is a little-known go-to hack among the pros, and the reason it works is all down to the texturing on the lid.

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'I love this trick and actually have done it myself for years,' he says. 'The little prickles on the bottom of the lid allow the stain remover to be worked into the fabric in a gentle yet effective way.'

Gervaise also advises going one step further for maximum results. 'If you leave it to soak for a bit or as stated on the back of the bottle, it works even better, and in my experience always removes the stain.

'My other tip would be to dry the item in the sun afterwards – if it’s a sunny day – to get that final natural bleach on the item, just in case there is any light shading left.' You heard it here first!

Of course this trick only works with the same bottle of Bold washing liquid as Mrs Hinch has, but there's every chance that your chosen bottle of washing liquid might also have a textured lid for the same purpose – we're rushing to check our cleaning cupboard as we speak...


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