Home security experts reveal the most dangerous times for burglaries

If you leave your home unattended for long periods of time during the day, you should be aware of this

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Homeowners should be mindful to exercise extra caution on weekdays as new research reveals the most dangerous times for burglaries to take place.

Home security experts at ADT investigated the number of residential burglaries in England and Wales per 1,000 people for the year ending March 2022. They sought to establish the most dangerous days and times break-ins occur to help homeowners nationwide better understand how to prevent a burglary.

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According to the 2022 ADT Burglary Report, 70% of residential burglaries across England and Wales take place on weekdays. It might not come as a big shock to discover that our homes are most vulnerable when many of us are out at work. 

However, in a twist, the findings reveal that burglaries are still more likely to take place in the dark between the hours of 6pm to 6am, even within occupied homes, as reported in 58% of burglary incidents.

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Most dangerous times for burglaries

ADT's Glenn Amato points out that weekday burglaries are more likely to occur ‘due to the fact that burglars tend to strike when the homeowners are at work and the house is empty.’

However, he added that homeowners should be particularly vigilant of their home security systems on Fridays during October and November. 'According to a study by Co-Op Insurance, which was carried out in 2019, Friday is the day that registers the most home break-ins, especially during the autumn period,' he explains. 

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Furthermore, the study found that the time of break-ins peaks during the evening. The research reveals that a total of 32% of all break-ins occurred between the hours of 6pm to midnight. Glenn Amato explains that 'this covers the time period when thieves can act under the protection of darkness, and when victims might be out of the house or sleeping.’

However, ADT found that although over half of the reported incidents occurred in the dark, a worrying 38% still occurred in the daylight. 

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This knowledge may induce a wave of worry over you when considering the security of your own home, but fear not, as there are plenty of ways to prevent burglary and protect your property.

These include but are not limited to: employing the use of an alarm system, CCTV and video doorbells, checking your locks, using smart lighting, and taking care to hide valuable items. 

As a final measure, consider taking part in your local Neighbourhood Watch group to raise awareness of crime in your local community.

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