Organing and styling duo, the Style Sisters, share their ultimate organising secret

The celebrity duo reveal their proven formula for stylish and clutter-free living

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Oftentimes, the hardest part about getting stuck into your decluttering checklist is trying to get started in the first place.

However, organising and styling duo, the Style Sisters have come equipped to share their top golden rule for organising to help you get your long-procrastinated storage and organisation tasks in a row and get all the things you should clean before autumn arrives up and running.

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The Style Sisters' golden rule for organising

When speaking to Ideal Home, we asked the Style Sisters what their golden rule for organising is – and it's a lot simpler than you think. Truth be told, you don't actually need to overcomplicate everything.

Sometimes, it's the most basic and stripped-down piece of advice that will work wonders.

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The Style Sisters, Gemma & Charlotte

The duo consisting of Charlotte Reddington and Gemma Lilly specialise in fashion, interiors, and styling and have an esteemed Instagram following of over 285k. The pair have gained an impressive roster of celeb clients including Rita Ora, Kimberly Walsh, and Vogue Williams.

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'For us, it would be, make a list,' starts the organising duo, Gemma and Charlotte. Whether it be in a physical notebook or list, or just on your phone's Notes app. Divide the tasks up and give yourself a visual representation of what you need to tackle.

They continue, 'There's no real rule of where to start. Maybe if you need to build up to the bigger tasks, then start with a drawer. It could be that you start with your underwear drawer or the bits and bobs drawer or even if you just start with one space.'

So, if you've been putting off the task of organising your wardrobe but see it as such an intimidating, mammoth task; consider taking it step-by-step and section-by-section instead. This is one of the most effective ways to declutter and clean when you feel overwhelmed.

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To add, you could even just consider opting for sweet bursts of organisation like the ten-minute declutter. In fact, you might even surprise yourself with how much you can get done in a short cluster of time.

'Those small wins will urge you to keep going as you'll feel the instant mental benefits from it and you'll just want to keep going,' assure the organising and styling duo.

Gemma and Charlotte conclude, 'And if you need an extra pair of hands because you feel like you're struggling on your own, ask friends or family.'

Besides, getting home admin tasks done is always easier with a helping hand or two.

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