5 things you should clean in your home before autumn arrives

Before the weather turns (even more than it has already), give these 5 items a seasonal refresh

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We’ve all heard of a spring clean, but it can also be well worth doing a seasonal clean of certain items before every new season arrives; be it summer, winter, or indeed, spring. The end of August is approaching, autumn is right around the corner (we know, we can’t believe it either), which means that some pre-autumn cleaning is due!

 The last few days of summer can be the perfect time to clean certain objects that you’ve used all summer long and that are due for a refresh before they get put away again for months. It’s also the ideal time to clean things that you’ll be needing in time for the autumn too, so that you’re ready to go when it really arrives.

5 things to clean before autumn arrives

So according to the experts, which five things in your home should you clean before summer really draws to a close?

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1. Garden tools and accessories

Most people will have spent the summer getting their gardens and outdoor spaces in shape, and maintaining said outdoor spaces to enjoy them during the better weather.

Because of this, now is the ideal time to clean all of your go-to garden tools and accessories, so that they’re in great condition when you put them away. Dan Hnatkovskyy, a housing expert, and co-founder and CEO of NewHomesMat, says, ‘Before the cold comes, give your gardening tools, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, pillows, and grill a thorough clean, and then put them away along with any unneeded summer decorations and outdoor furniture.’

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Cleaning expert Laura Mountford of @lauracleanaholic, and author of Live, Laugh, Laundry, agrees that ‘garden tools should be cleaned before the winter, as if they are left dirty, they can become damaged due to rust.’

To clean your outdoor furniture, she also suggests, ‘using warm soapy water, and ensuring it is fully dry before storing away for the colder months.’

‘You can also wash outdoor soft furnishings like cushions on a cool wash in your machine; but again, ensure they dry thoroughly before storing away for the winter to avoid mould growth.’

2. Summer clothing and accessories

The same applies to your indoor essentials too - if there’s a particular tote bag you’ve taken to the beach with you, some sandals that have seen better days, beach towels that are in need of a hot wash, or a favourite dress that has more sun cream stains on it than you’d care to admit, now is the time to get these items properly cleaned up, once and for all.

It’s likely that when the sun really does go away, you’ll be putting these items into storage, so before you do that, make sure they’re in tip-top shape. If you don’t, you’ll only live to regret it come next summer, when you have to deal with ground-in stains you can no longer properly remove.

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3. Bed linen and blankets

Hot, sweaty nighttimes during the summer often mean equally sweaty bedding – and while you’ve likely washed your bedding and pyjamas throughout the warmer months, take the opportunity before autumn begins to give them a proper deep clean after all they’ve been through.

Take the opportunity to give your mattress a proper deep clean, to clean your sheets on a hot wash, replace your mattress protector, and even clean your duvet and pillows themselves.

Laura says, 'If you have a summer duvet then give it a wash and swap it for your winter duvet.  Most duvets and pillows can be washed easily in the washing machine on a cool gentle cycle, using your normal laundry detergent and white vinegar to keep the filling soft and fluffy.'

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4. The corners of your home

Summer is a time to throw open the doors and windows in order to cool down our homes. However, along with the cool breeze, our properties are also often invaded by creepy-crawlies during the summer, such as spiders, flies, moths and more (here’s how to get rid of spiders if you don’t fancy sharing your home with them).

As such, there’s no better time than the end of this season to tackle the corners of every room in your home, where these insects often collect – especially spiders.

So as part of your autumn cleaning checklist, grab your best vacuum and use the extendable nozzle to get into the corners of every room of your home, to whip up any cobwebs.

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5. Outdoor autumn essentials

Though our outdoor spaces get used less during the autumn and into winter, if you have any outdoor items you use regularly during the cooler months, think about cleaning them ahead of time – so you don’t need to rush to do so when you want to use them.

For example, Laura suggests, ‘clean your log burner before the cosy autumn nights draw in.  Firstly vacuum out any debris, remove the door and clean the glass on both sides using white vinegar.’

You might also want to spruce up your favourite outdoor throw, your fire pit, or those weather-resistant lantern lights you tend to use in the autumn – whatever it is, give them a once over while it’s still warm outside.


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