Step inside this harmonious Victorian home in Somerset

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  • Although the owners had originally chosen the house as a stop-gap, they’ve really settled in. ‘The area has good schools for our children, and we’re near the beach, so it’s perfect,’ says Laurie, who runs Ruby Summers Country Home, painting and restoring furniture.

    They previously owned a two-bedroom house, but it had become much too small for them. ‘We let it out, so we could rent a larger place for ourselves, but after three years, we sold our previous house and started searching for a new home.’ To find the space they wanted on a budget, they knew they’d be looking for a do-er upper.

    ‘I wanted a Victorian house because I love their spacious rooms, high ceilings and character.’ They had looked at a few possibilities, but as soon as they walked into this place, they felt sure it was the one. ‘The decor wasn’t for me, but the layout was ideal and the original fireplaces and picture rails really appealed. There was a lot to do, though. The kitchen was quite basic but neutral, so we knew it could be updated easily, but the dark carpets, heavy colours and loud patterned wallpapers had to go.’

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