Step inside this Victorian townhouse in London where artistic touches and attention to detail shine through

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  • For this couple, restoring a Victorian townhouse back into a family house after it was chopped into a series of bedsits, was a loving act that speaks to their passion for design and details. One of the couple is a trained fine art specialist, and this artistic background – combined with a love of mid-century design – formed the inspiration behind her glamorous (yet immensely comfortable) house.

    ‘I wanted us to be surrounded by art and beautifully designed furniture,’ she says. The aim was for everyone – the family and guests alike – to feel warm, welcome and inspired in the space. ‘My vision was that the spaces had a sense of flow but also offered privacy, so the whole of the ground floor is open-plan. One group of people can chat around the kitchen island while others relax in the living room.’ In essence, there’s a feeling of ‘togetherness’ even if everyone is focused on a different activity.

    Artworks themselves, while important in this home, were not the only aesthetic concern for the couple when they were redeveloping the house; surfaces and materials were key too. ‘I grew up in Canada where natural textures are everywhere and I was keen to recreate that look in our home,’ says one of the owners. ‘Parquet, marble and granite surfaces all bring in the beauty of nature, in a polished and refined fashion. Brass also has similar qualities, as it changes over time and develops a unique patina.’ From the moment you step inside, these beautiful tactile qualities really make themselves felt…

    This house tour originally appeared in Homes & Gardens, March 2017

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