Take a look around this colourful 1960s house in Kent

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  • The owners, who run an interiors boutique and work in the City, bought this four-bedroom detached 1960s house in Kent in 2007.

    Their previous home was just around the corner, so they had regularly passed by the property and its distinctive 1960s style had set it apart from the neighbouring Edwardian properties.

    When the house came up for sale, they immediately arranged a viewing. The reality was different to what they’d imagined. ‘We’re big fans of 1960s architecture, but up close the house looked really ugly with red wood panelling on the exterior and a mix of lino and parquet on the floors inside. Plus, the rooms were really dark because the windows were so small.’

    What the house did have in its favour was space. The property was in a conservation area, so it could have been tricky to secure planning permission for an extension, but it already had a double garage at the back and a conservatory built onto the front.

    ‘We knew we would be able to replace those structures with front and rear extensions without increasing the building’s footprint, so getting consent for the work wasn’t a problem.’

    The main priority was to bring in more light with larger windows and sliding doors on to the garden. The couple also wanted to open up the ground floor and create a central kitchen/dining room at the heart of the house, but with concealed doors so they could close off adjacent rooms if needed.

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