Take a tour around this quirky meets contemporary London home

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The owners, artist Rory and wife Claire, who co-run RoryDobner.com, and their two young sons, live in a pair of joined-up flats in a Victorian mansion block in north London.

The home they have created together is a magical warren where intrigue and whimsy peep from every corner, in arrangements as deftly drawn as the Rory originals on the walls.

The family dubbed their home Hamsterville because of its circuitous layout and disorientating shifts of level. There’s a run of bedrooms off a long corridor on the ‘sleepy side’, while ‘Daddy’s side’ with its studio was created from what had been a cake-slice of courtyard.

Dining goes on in the adjoining room marked EAT, beneath a super-scaled pair of Sarah Stockbridge lips, and the downstairs bathroom is a dark affair, finished in black and verdigris-pitted brass.

Just as with Rory’s Monocled Cat or Smoky Fish, these rooms are full of intriguing detail.

‘When you look at something in the singular, you can really see it properly,’ says Rory. ‘There’s no background, but when you see a fish floating in a white circle, your brain fills in the gaps. You imagine him underwater or in a goldfish bowl. But when you start to wonder how he’s smoking… that’s where the humour comes in’

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