Take a look around this modernised 1950s family home in Buckinghamshire

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  • Moving house can be a long-drawn out process, but this couple really know the meaning of that. They were living in a maisonette in southwest London when they decided that, if they were going to start a family, they needed more space and would ideally like to have a garden. They began looking outside London, where they could get more for their money, but weren’t quite sure they wanted to commit to Marlow – the area that they had settled upon. ‘We had come to love being near the Thames in Chiswick, so we looked along the course of the river and settled on this area, where we had some friends.’ After spending time there at weekends, the couple decided to lease out their maisonette in London and rent in Marlow for a year to see how they felt about it when they were based there full time.

    The next year, they felt settled and were enjoying life in the area, so began looking for a property to buy – their criteria was it had to have three bedrooms and a garden. After a huge number of viewings, and a few more months, they were sent the details of this house. ‘We couldn’t understand why there was only a picture of the exterior and nothing else. Once we got here we understood.’ The house had been owned by an old lady and had fallen into disrepair. In fact, the interior hadn’t changed since it had been built in the 1950s. The garden was such a jungle, you couldn’t even get into it. But, on a positive note, it was large and so were the rooms in the house. Despite that, the couple’s first instinct was to walk away – the project was just too much.

    A week later, one of the pair had a dream about the house: ‘I woke up and told my astonished husband that was simply had to buy it! He was wary but prepared to humour me.’ After a dramatic bidding war, and some issues with the lack of deeds on the property, the couple took possession of the property almost a year later… and couldn’t even move in for another year after that, because of the level of work that needed doing.


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