Shopping edit – 6 kitchen dressers that are both practical and stylish

A kitchen dresser is an extra place to store your fancy kitchenware

The humble kitchen dresser is so often the unsung hero of the kitchen. This classic furniture piece provides handy extra storage for glasses, tableware, crockery and tabletop textiles – acting as a hub for the everyday items that every kitchen needs. Whether you're working with a small kitchen or a large space that needs filling, the kitchen dresser is a handy addition to a space, for ensuring your kitchen looks neat and tidy.

There's something so pleasing about a beautifully arranged kitchen dresser. How satisfying is it to display all your favourite pieces of china and treasured finds in one place? And so practical, too. Whether your dream kitchen dresser has minimal visible shelving, lots of hidden cupboard space or a few drawers for your utensils, it'd be smart to buy one based on what you specifically need to store. Perhaps that's clunky pots and pans, or your favourite plates, some fancy glassware or your extensive vase collection?

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If space isn't an issue, choose a large-scale dresser to create a real style statement – especially stunning in generous open-plan living spaces to showcase your best china and elegant glassware. Limited on space? Opt for a compact design that offers optimum storage in a streamlined fashion.

It's not essential that the dresser matches your kitchen cabinetry, but it should complement it. Choosing a dresser in a contrasting shade gives the kitchen a bespoke feel and makes it more of a statement piece of furniture. Consider the current trend for darker shades of navy and grey to really add a wow factor, it's less of a commitment than painting the kitchen cabinetry.

There are no rules to say kitchen dressers always have to stay in the kitchen, too. In fact, the stylish designs we've picked and featured below would work perfectly in a dining room, too. From an on-trend dark design to a mid-century modern dresser, we've found something to suit all tastes. Be inspired by our pick of the best kitchen dressers to enhance your room of choice.

The best kitchen dressers

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Blue Elephant Keiko Standard China Cabinet in living area with grey walls, house plants, wall art, books

(Image credit: Blue Elephant)

1. Blue Elephant Keiko Standard China Cabinet


Materials: MDF

This china cabinet sold on Wayfair is both stylish and practical. It's available in black or white, so select wisely to match with your home decor seamlessly. It's perfect for any modern home with a perfect balance of wooden doors and glass shelves. Use the drawers to hide otherwise boring-looking (or just practical) kitchen stuff. Display your pretty stuff on the shelves so that guests can marvel at your lovely plates and bowls. Alternatively, you could style this dresser in a living room or even hallway, with books, candles and more inside. Just like in the photo...

Blue Elephant Keiko Standard China Cabinet, £219.99, Wayfair

Indies Black Solid Mango Wood Dresser in dining room

(Image credit: Maisons du Monde)

2. Indies Black Solid Mango Wood Dresser


Materials: Mango wood, brass finish metal handles

This super stylish black dresser from Maisons du Monde will be sure to become a focal point in your dining room or kitchen. It's pretty sizeable, too, while it's also made of mango wood, and adorned with brass finish metal handles. This characterful unit boasts cabinets with shelves, some of which have glass doors. Others boast handy sliding doors. There are slim drawers for cutlery and more, separating the glass-doored cupboards from the ones you can use to hide knick knacks. 

Indies Black Solid Mango Wood Dresser, £1,948, Maisons du Monde

Parquet Brushed and Glazed Solid Oak Corner Dresser

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

3. Parquet Brushed and Glazed Solid Oak Corner Dresser


Materials : Brushed oak

One for mid-century modern homes, this brushed oak kitchen dresser is a cheerful addition to a kitchen. With two cupboards, a large drawer and glass-fronted cabinets with shelving, it's ideal for popping in a smaller space. It's uniquely shaped to slot straight into the corner of a room, and it sits on angled legs. Bronze coloured handles complete this kitchen dresser, while it's also surprisingly low priced for what it is.

Parquet Brushed and Glazed Solid Oak Corner Dresser, £549.99, Oak Furnitureland

Grove Natural Oak & Dark Grey Paint in room with jute rug, plant in basket and pink walls

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

4. Parquet Brushed and Glazed Solid Oak Corner Dresser


Materials: Solid wood with a matte finish

This sleek black kitchen dresser has recessed handles and it's made from solid wood with a matte finish. It's ideal for smaller kitchens thanks to its compact size, and it's rounded so safe for wandering toddlers to be around. It boasts four drawers, two cabinets and two sizeable shelves, as well as a worktop to provide extra space for chopping your meat and veg.

Grove Natural Oak & Dark Grey Paint, £729.99, Oak Furnitureland

Boston Natural Solid Oak and Metal Small Dresser

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

5. Boston Natural Solid Oak and Metal Small Dresser


Materials: Solid Oak and Metal

With angled legs and unique grain patterns, this solid kitchen dresser ticks all our boxes. It's stylish, space-savvy and compact, with two drawers, two glass-fronted cabinets and two cupboards. Plenty of space for your glassware and pots and pans. It doubles as an extra surface with space for your fruit bowl to live, or to use as an area to plate up dinner. It's even handless for a sleek look. Its modern accents make it look luxurious.

Boston Natural Solid Oak and Metal Small Dresser, £779.99, Oak Furnitureland

Highgate Rustic Solid Oak and Painted Large Dresser in kitchen, filled with plates, bowls, jugs and beside pink rose plant in basket

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

6. Highgate Rustic Solid Oak and Painted Large Dresser


Materials: 100% hardwood

Large kitchen? Lots of kitchenware to store? This kitchen dresser we spotted at Oak Furnitureland is perfect for you, then. It's also navy in colour so as to inject some subtle colour into your kitchen or dining room. This solid piece is made of 100% hardwood and is built to last, with a stylish matte finish. It has a total of 7 drawers, for cutlery, utensils and more, and there are 5 cupboards – two of which boast glass doors so guests can view your lust-worthy dinnerware from afar. There are two shelves in the centre of the unit, for decorative purposes, and we say that a few cookbooks or a plant would go lovely here. The best part about this unit is that it boasts a large work surface, to give you more space when it comes to cooking – or serving up.

Highgate Rustic Solid Oak and Painted Large Dresser, £894.99

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