How to create a decorative jug

Have a go at drawing onto a ceramic jug to create a pretty table centrepiece for summer

coloured flowers on jug ceramic vase

(Image credit: TBC)

Add a personal touch to your kitchen and decorate a plain-white jug using Sharpie marker pens. This project takes next to no time and can be applied to other accessories, too. We used a fairly simplistic floral design but you could experiment with other motifs.

So go on, follow these three simple steps for personalising your kitchen or dining room table, as shown by Style at Home...

You will need:

Purity Collection jug, £7.99, Dunelm

Clean cloth

Sharpie markers in Green, Berry and Jellie Pink,£1.49 each, Rymans

1. Wipe down the jug using a soft cloth to remove any dust from the surface. Using the green Sharpie pen, carefully draw vertical lines of varying heights, starting from the base of the jug. Continue all the way round the jug. These will be the stems of your flowers.

2. Using the Sharpie pen in Berry, stamp little dots above the top of the green stems to create a ball shape. Keep the dots fairly loose for now, with gaps between them.

3. Fill in the gaps with the Sharpie pen in Jellie Pink, using the same dotting technique. Repeat this process with both coloured pens on top of each green stem, until you are satisfied with the look of the completed flower heads. Leave to let the inks dry.