Me and my kitchen - James Martin

Step inside the classic painted kitchen that belongs to celebrity chef James Martin

kitchen with cabinet and drawers
(Image credit: TBC)

James Martin was brought up in a farmhouse in Yorkshire, and when he was 22, opened the Hotel and Bistro du Vin in Winchester as head chef.

His cooking style is probably best described as 'modern British with a hint of Mediterranean' and his recipes can be found in the several cookbooks that he's written over the years.

Here, take a tour of this his beautiful painted kitchen...

My kitchen style is... very colourful. I think I have quite a traditional style when it comes to my cabinetry choices, but then I like to use bold paint shades to add drama to the room. The only flashes of modern living are my appliances - I couldn't be without the latest gadgets. I also love to collect car memorabilia and bits of it often find their way into my kitchen decor.

The last thing I bought for my kitchen was... A French spit rotisserie M221C042 from Bonnet. I spotted one in a restaurant in Birmingham and I had to have it.

My must-have kitchen gadget is... An American-style fridge freezer. I wanted to find the biggest appliance I could that would simply chill and freeze my food.

You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties with... A bottle of beer, a cigar and probably doing the washing up. I can't bear to leave dirty pans soaking in water - it's one of my pet hates.

My 'if all else fails' dinner party recipe is... Fish and chips from my local chippy.

You can always be sure I'll have... A supply of Diet Coke and Mars Bars in my fridge.

If my kitchen was on fire I'd try to save... My dog Fudge, as his sleeping den is under one of the units.

Microwaves - friend or foe... I don't have one and feel no need to buy one. That's not to say that they're bad, they just don't suit my cooking style.