3 types of space-saving cookware you didn't know your kitchen needed – you'll never look back

Experts recommend the best types of space-saving cookware – along with our top picks

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Properly storing the many pots and pans each of us owns in our kitchens is a universal issue, whether you’re a home cook or a professional. We’ve all been there – battling clumsy stacks of variously sized cookware and lids, whether we’re pulling out the one we need or trying to squeeze every one of them into a designated kitchen cupboard, shelf or drawer. That’s why space-saving cookware is the thing you and your kitchen desperately need.

The criteria for what makes the best saucepans are ever-evolving. And it seems the latest is being easily storable while taking up the least amount of space as more and more brands are coming out with space-saving pots and pans – and consumers are loving them.

So with the help of industry experts, we’ve identified the 3 main types of space-saving cookware, along with some product suggestions you can invest in, all of which will save precious space in your kitchen and make for the perfect small kitchen idea and solution.

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3 types of space-saving cookware

‘The challenge of neatly storing pots, pans, and lids in kitchen cupboards is something we’ve all encountered,’ starts Richard Joseph, CEO and co-founder of Joseph Joseph. ‘From handles poking out of cabinets or drawers to unstable stacks of pans, cookware is difficult to keep organised.’

Sophie Nahmad, chef for recipe box delivery service Gousto, adds, ‘It feels like kitchen space has been less and less in recent years, but at the same time we’ve seen a boom in kitchen gadgets that take up more of that diminishing space. Because of that, innovations in storage solutions, like space-saving cookware, have been invaluable for modern kitchens.’

But these are the solutions that effortlessly combat those issues we’ve all faced at some point.

1. The detachable handle cookware

ProCook Designpro Stackable Cookware Set

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As Richard already mentioned, handles tend to be the most problematic feature of cookware that make them difficult to stack and store away. That’s why the innovative cookware with detachable handles that can be stored separately is pure genius in our books.

Tefal with its Ingenio cookware sets was the brand that championed this kitchen trend – and in our best saucepan round-up, it earned the best space-saving title. But now, there are a few other brands that have mastered this mechanism, which includes ProCook’s Designpro Stackable Cookware Set and the Tower Freedom cookware sets.

‘I have been loving the Tefal kitchen pans with removable handles, these make life so much easier and mean I can stack all the pans in a drawer with the handles separately,’ says Suzanne Mulholland, author and family-cooking expert also known as the Batch Lady who knows all about the necessary batch cooking essentials.

A portrait of Suzanne Mulholland
Suzanne Mulholland

Suzanne Mulholland, known as The Batch Lady, is a time-saving guru and family-cooking expert. She is helping thousands of people to spend less time in the kitchen by getting organised in advance and filling the freezer full of homemade ready meals saving time, money, and waste. The Batch Lady method was developed by Suzanne to share her cookery and time management expertise to help people get organised in advance and take the stress out of our daily meal times.

Suzanne's latest book The Batch Lady Grab and Cook is available on Amazon.

2. The ‘it does everything’ cookware

A kitchen hob with a sage green Always Pan

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‘I think a lot of people now want more minimal cooking equipment in their kitchen, they want to own fewer things and that’s where space-saving cookware comes in, reducing the clutter,’ Suzanne says. ‘There is also a call for more convenient cooking equipment for people living in smaller houses with small kitchen spaces, they still want to be able to cook a meal with all the equipment they need but it needs to be able to fit into their spaces and being easily accessible.’

Investing in a piece of cookware that has multiple functions in one is another way of saving space in the kitchen as you need to own fewer pots and pans. The pioneer in this space is undoubtedly the Always Pan 2.0 from Our Place which needs little introduction as it's forever changed the industry once launching on the scene – it also happens to be one of the best pans for induction hobs.

But naturally, other brands are now catching up to the Always Pan hype, also releasing cookware that features multiple functions. One of which is the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 PossiblePot and the 9-in-1 PossiblePan. We especially love the pot which can steam, simmer, roast, braise, bake, saute, sear and boil your food so it replaces the traditional stockpot, saucepan, roasting pan, baking dish and steamer – packing all of that into one.

3. The easily stackable cookware

A kitchen cupboard with pots and pans

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One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to saving space in your cookware cupboards is purchasing pots and pans from different brands and collections which are not designed to be easily stackable. Because if you go for a matching set of pots and pans more often than not, they will seamlessly slot into one another when stacked.

‘I am very much about making the most of my kitchen space. As the Batch Lady, my kitchen is used all the time and so everything needs to have its place and not be overly bulky and take up space. I use lots of different stackable pans to make the most of my space! Everything I buy has to be convenient and functional for a busy working kitchen,’ Suzanne says.

Joseph Joseph Space cookware

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Sophie agrees but also warns against buying sets that include too many units. ‘There are lots of space-saving sets on the market now which are both highly convenient, and aesthetically pleasing; I’m definitely one for having a neat matching set. But don’t be tempted by big 12-piece cookware sets – no one needs that many pans! To make sure you’re being environmentally-friendly, a small set of three or four good quality pots and pans is all you need for home cooking.’

Joseph Joseph’s new Space cookware which is easily stackable takes this idea even further with foldable handles. ‘There are already great, space-saving cookware designs available today, such as stackable pots. we wanted to do something different with our new Space collection by designing cookware that solves the universal kitchen storage problem with intelligent design, without compromising quality or usability, offering precision-engineered folding handle mechanism. And it’s designed to save up to 50% more cupboard space,’ Richard of Joseph Joseph says.

‘Whether it’s investing in multi-purpose utensils or innovative, time-saving gadgets, we know consumers want problem-solving products that are convenient and cost-effective,’ Richard concludes. And that’s exactly what this type of cookware is.

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