How to make a panel cushion

Make this stylish panelled cushion following Country Homes and Interiors simple step-by-step guide.

Panel cushion craft

(Image credit: Future PLC/Trevor Richards)

Discover how to sew a pretty panelled cushion using these easy to follow instructions from Country Homes & Interiors

You will need
* Around 100cm of main fabric (we used LF1633C/14 SAIL denim from the Drift collection, £43.90 a metre, Linwood)
* Around 100 x 50cm of contrast fabric (we used Chinese Toile, £73.80 a metre, Lewis And Wood)
* Matching thread
* Scissors
* Rectangular cushion pad ( we used Feather pad, 30cm by 60cm, from £8.50, The Upholstery Shop)
* Pins

Before you start
* These instructions assume a 30cm by 60cm cushion pad is being used - you will need to amend the measurements if your pad is a different size.

Step 1) Cut a 92cm x 36cm rectangle of contrast fabric. Fold under a 0.5cm hem along the two long edges and press.
Step 2)
Cut a 92cm by 67cm rectangle of main fabric. Position the contrast fabric lengthways on top of the main fabric (both fabrics uppermost), off centre in this instance, and pin. Sew into place along the both edges of the contrast fabric in a neat line, leaving a 0.5cm hem. Remove pins.
Step 3)
Taking both fabrics fold under 2cm and then 3cm along each short edge and hem.
Step 4)
Lay out the fabric right side up and fold the two hemmed edges to the centre so that they overlap by 20cm. Stitch the sides taking 2.5cm seams.
Step 5)
Trim and clip seam allowances, turn through the envelope opening and press.
Step 6)
Insert cushion pad through the opening - the fit will be tight and you'll need to work the pad into the corners for a snug fit.

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