Shopping for a sofa? 5 deciding factors to help you find ‘the one’

Narrow things down with’s simple guide – ‘the one’ is closer than you think sofa in living room
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Choosing a sofa can leave even the most decisive of decorators dithering for months. It seems the more time spent scrolling through love seats and chaise longues, the worse it gets – to the point where sticking with your old sofa doesn’t seem so bad. 

You’ve got to work out what you like, factoring in things like colour scheme, design, depth and so on, and you’ve got to make sure it’ll actually fit through the door.

As a nation, we spend around four hours a day lounging in our living rooms. So the best sofa needs to suit both our taste and our lifestyle. White bouclé is all well and good until your friend’s wayward puppy jumps up on it.

‘A new sofa is a real investment,’ comments Ideal Home Editor, Heather Young. ‘So make sure you get it right by thinking about our five essential factors.’ We’ve all been there, paralysed by choice, but The One is closer than you think. Follow go-to experts’s tips below. sofa in living room

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1. Decide on size and shape

First of all, you need to work out what proportions will be right for your space. If you have a small living room, seek slim arms and a compact design. A loveseat is a more affordable alternative to a two-seater in tight spaces and is perfect if you’d like to create an inviting reading nook. 

Those with open-plan living spaces can afford to go for something on the larger side; petite sofas tend to look lost in open-plan spaces. We’d always recommend using masking tape to mark out where the sofa will go and living with it for a few days to see if it works with the flow of the room before you plump for your chosen design.

The good news is that’s sofas are available in a range of sizes to help you find the perfect fit for your home. Live in a flat with a tight communal stairway? No problem. You can get some of the most popular sofa styles delivered in smaller pieces to assemble at home. And if you need advice,’s knowledgeable staff are on hand (it’s rated 4.7 stars on Trustpilot for a reason!) sofa in living room

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 2. Select a style

Once you’ve got an idea of the size you need, it’s time to hone in on the design, from curvaceous organic lines to boxy silhouettes. allows you to create a sofa tailored to your taste. Want a traditional style? Look for turned legs and buttoned upholstery. If your home has a mid-century modern aesthetic, then square lines and straight legs will be more at home with your existing decor. Don't forget to think about the depth of your sofa, too, particularly if you have a small space.

Your dream sofa has got to look the part, but it’s no good if it’s not comfortable, so visit a store to make sure it suits you. At showrooms across the country, there’s free barista coffee and a children’s entertainment area, too. You can even take the dog! Trying them out in real life will help you work out what kind of height and firmness you prefer.

3. Choose your fabric

For a laid-back but chic look, opt for linen or cotton. Velvet will give a more opulent and glamorous edge, while tweed will give the room a more polished and formal feel. The smart cotton and velvet fabrics available are ideal for busy families, which will withstand spills. 

It’s worth noting that you can order free samples online to get a real sense of the colour and quality of the fabric at home. With 100 luxurious fabrics to choose from (sourced from the finest mills in Italy), you can tailor your sofa to your unique taste. sofa in living room

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4. Pick a colour

Beige and grey sofa ideas are perennially popular, or you could go for timeless off-white if you’re feeling brave. However, we’ve definitely noticed a growing trend for maximalism, with more and more people being braver with their design decisions, and choosing rich blue and green tones in their living spaces. Your sofa is a brilliant way to inject some uplifting colour into your scheme and create a space you love coming home to. Use your sofa as a base and layer up with an excessive number of throw cushions in complementary colours.

5. Think about longevity 

We’re all conscious of how much we’re spending right now, but with such a key piece of furniture, it’s worth investing in something handcrafted, that’s built to last. sofa frames have a lifetime guarantee, so will ultimately be more sustainable and prevent you from having to buy a new one a few years down the line. Consider’s 24 months interest-free credit and payment plans that help spread the cost. 

Ready to find your sofa soulmate? Go to to see all the styles, sizes and colours available and to book a complimentary personal shopping appointment, either in-store or online.

Your sofa will arrive through a white-glove delivery service in just four to six weeks.’s affordable yet luxurious sofas are made to order with beechwood frames guaranteed for life.

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