10 kitchen-diners that are rocking a bench seat

Thought bench seating was just for country schemes? These rooms prove that they work in any kitchen

Adding a bench seat is a space-saving way to incorporate an inviting seating area into your kitchen. A bench seat can look the part in all schemes, so whether your room has country-style Shaker cupboards, sleek and contemporary units or an up-to-date industrial look, consider adding a snug seating area where the family can gather round the table.

kitchen with round table and flower vase

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A neat corner bench adds extra seating without cluttering a compact space with lots of chairs.

kitchen with window seat and cushions

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Make a feature of a window by positioning a bench seat beneath it. Layering up colourful cushions in a mix of fabrics will make it cosy.

kitchen with wooden round table and flower vase

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Here, a round table and a curved bench seat create a snug dining booth that helps to zone off the different areas in a large kitchen.

white dining room with table and white frame window

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This vintage-style settle works perfectly in a country scheme. Look out for similar pieces at antiques markets, paint white and distress the surface for a weathered look.

dining table with bench against wall

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Disguise a bench seat against a wall by cladding both in wooden panelling painted in the same shade. A factory-style pendant and station-style artwork give this space an industrial theme.

banquette seating kitchen diner

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Ensure there's enough seating for guests by mixing up a combination of chairs and an L-shaped bench seat. Pile up plenty of cushions for a relaxed meal.

kitchens with bench seating

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Make a bench seat blend seamlessly into your kitchen by placing it on one side of an island. Choose neutral tones for paintwork and add colour with loose cushions so that you can easily change the look of your dining area when you fancy a change.

kitchen with bench seat

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Make a bench seat the star of the show by painting it in a contrasting shade to walls.

curved bench kitchen seating

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This sleek circular booth
in walnut creates a modern dining area that's zoned off from the preparation area in a large open-plan kitchen.

room with wooden table and cushion

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A bench that provides underseat storage for extra kitchenware will free up space inside your kitchen cupboards. Paint the seat in the same shade as base units for a co-ordinated look.