The 30 tidying tasks we find most therapeutic

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  • 80 per cent of us find tidying and organising relaxing rather than a chore

    How do you like to de-stress? With a bottle of wine? Soaking in a long, hot bath? Curled up on the sofa in front of a film or with a good book? Perhaps, but a recent study has found that eight in ten adults also find organising and tidying tasks to be a real stress-buster.

    The research, commissioned by stationery manufacturer Avery UK, found that four in five people find mess stressful, while 63 per cent don’t feel on top of things unless their items are in the ‘right place’.

    Whether it be filing away important documents or organising the books and DVDs in your home library, the average adult spends more than three and a half hours a week – that’s almost eight days a year – getting things in order at home and at work. That’s more time than most of us spend practising a hobby!

    Here are the 30 organising and tidying tasks we find the most therapeutic. Which are your favourite?

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    30. Emptying the dishwasher


    29. Clearing the garage

    28. Organising DVDs alphabetically

    27. Creating a filing system

    26. Organising books alphabetically/by genre

    25. Arranging pots and pans by shape and size

    24. Arranging wardrobe by colour/size/clothing type


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    23. Sorting through paperwork at home

    22. Cleaning the inside of the car

    21. Washing the car

    20. Organising CDs/vinyl alphabetically

    19. Loading the washing machine

    18. Tidying desk at home

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    17. Labelling files, folders or storage

    16. Putting ironing away

    15. Ironing

    14. Filing away documents at work

    13. Writing things on the calendar

    12. Wiping kitchen worktops

    Kitchen worktop

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    11. Mowing the lawn

    10. Dusting/polishing my home

    9. Cleaning the bathroom

    8. Washing the dishes

    7. Making the bed

    6. Organising storage


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    5. Tidying my desk at work

    4. Vacuuming

    3. Organising important personal documents

    2. Putting together a to-do list

    1. Crossing stuff off a to-do list

    Which tidying tasks do you find most therapeutic? Let us know in the comments box below!

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