7 signs that your pet rules your home

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  • Are you the king of your castle? Or does your pet rule the roost? For many years now, Brits have enjoyed the reputation of being a nation of pet lovers, but some of us (cough, cough) have been known to take that title a little too seriously

    Here are 7 signs that your cat, dog, rabbit, parrot (delete as appropriate) rules your home…

    1. Your pet plays a not so fun game called ‘doorway psych’

    Mr Tiddles: “I want to go outside. Just kidding! I want to come inside. Just kidding! I want to go outside…”

    2. You co-ordinate your decorating scheme with your pet’s furniture

    floating storage unit leaves plenty of space for the dogs to snooze –
    and of course their grey bed ties in beautifully with the monochrome
    scheme. Bliss!

    3. You can’t get any work done, or anything else for that matter

    pet’s favourite place to settle down is in your arms, laptop and
    newspaper… basically just anywhere that they might be in the way.

    4. A lint roller is your best friend

    You own a hell of a lot of lint rollers for all the fur, hair and anything else that might get stuck to your clothes, furniture and carpet.

    5. You stay at home on a Friday night to entertain your pet

    Yes, this does happen, and yes, I am guilty. Popcorn for two, please.

    6. Your home is incomplete without animal print

    You have a dog, so it makes sense to get a dog print armchair. You have ducks, so you get a duck print cushion… you get the drift.

    7. You put your pet’s needs first

    You’ve just had a long day at work and all your want to do is curl up on the sofa, but your cat is in your seat. Oh well, it’s Mr Tiddle’s seat now, after all, he’s spent a long day chasing mice.

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