You'll find it harder to get planning permission if you live HERE

It's a postcode lottery...

In the 2017/2018 financial year there were 470,000 applications submitted to Local Planning Authorities in England. Out of all those applications 9 out of 10 of them were approved ,continuing the steady rise developers have been enjoying for the last 10 years.

However, new research from has revealed a postcode lottery, where your chances of getting planning permission varies wildly depending on where you live.

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The report names and shames the worst areas in the UK enjoying the lowest approval ratings. The price comparison site found that Greenwich, Harrow, Hillingdon and Enfield all had approval rating significantly lower than the national average.

The areas with lowest planning permission approvals ratings in the UK

  1. Enfield – 62 per cent
  2. Hillingdon – 62 per cent
  3. Harrow – 63 per cent
  4. Greenwich – 65 per cent
  5. East Herefordshire – 67 per cent
  6. Hounslow – 68 per cent
  7. Brighton and Hove – 70 per cent
  8. Newham – 71 per cent
  9. Luton – 71 per cent
  10. Watford – 73 per cent

Enfield and Hillingdon were the worst performers boasting only 62 per cent approval ratings. People in both areas finding it way tougher to get permission for home alterations.

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However, the report wasn't all doom and gloom for homeowners, as it also listed the 10 best areas to gain that crucial planning permission. These winners of the postcode lottery all enjoying almost 100 per cent approval ratings.

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The report found that Knowsley, Copeland, Carlisle and Richmondshire ranked the best, with Richmondshire scoring best at a very decent 99 cent approval rating.

The areas with highest planning permission approvals ratings in the UK

  • Richmondshire, North Yorkshire – 99 per cent
  • Knowsley, Merseyside – 98 per cent
  • City of London – 98 per cent
  • Copeland, Cumbria – 98 per cent
  • Carlisle – 98 per cent
  • Fareham, Portsmouth – 97 per cent
  • Erewash, Derbyshire – 97 per cent
  • Halton, Cheshire – 97 per cent
  • Lincoln – 97 per cent
  • Blaby, Leicestershire – 97 per cent

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'Improving your home can be an exciting but challenging time, especially when it comes to planning permission,' says Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySupermarket. 'The good news is there are a range of government and independent sources available to help you understand how things work.'

'Despite three quarters of people saying that the planning permission process wasn’t an enjoyable experience, nearly nine in 10 applications were successful last year. Hopefully that means the difficulties faced by applicants are generally paying off.'

We hope so, too, Rachel!