Planning a beach escape in the new year? We reveal the best coastal town in the UK to buy a holiday home

Make 2020 the year of the beach
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  • Looking toward the New Year, we imagine all kinds of new versions of ourselves. But as self-confessed property fanatics, while everyone else is making resolutions to eat less, we’re plotting to finally buying a home by the sea.

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    The only think that makes the British winter easier to bear than Christmas lights is an ocean view. But with miles of coast around the UK to choose from, where is the best place to start the search?

    Best coastal town in the UK to buy a second home

    Compare the Market have revealed Southwold in Suffolk as the best coastal town in the UK to buy a second property.

    best coastal town in UK

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    The study took into account average rainfall, average temperature, beach quality score, average property price, annual property revenue, and daily property rental rate.

    If your planning to buy a second summer home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the average temperature in Southwold in July comes in at just under 20.8 degrees. It also receives an average of only 50.9mm of rain.

    best coastal town in uk

    Image credit: Jason Ingran

    While initially the price of a property might seem steep at an average of £540,511 it should pay of financially in the long term if you choose to rent the property out. The average annual revenue from a rental property in Southwold was found to be higher than any other coastal town at £115,689, with an average daily rate coming in at £334.

    And we’re not surprised, what with the town’s scenic views which have attracted famous artists such as Turner.

    best coastal town in UK 3

    Image credit: Jason Ingran

    However, if you are looking for a guaranteed toasty summer then you may be better of exploring the property market in Felixstowe. The best coastal town in the UK for the highest average temperature, Felixstowe, regularly achieves a toasty 22.3 degrees.

    If it is the rain you are hoping to escape, the coastal town of Weymouth is a good bet. It didn’t manage to crack the best coastal town in the UK top 10. But on average it receives a rainfall of 35.9 mm.

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    Will you be escaping to a coastal town in the New Year?

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