Garden expert reveals best bulbs to plant now – for colourful blooms come spring

More reasons to look ahead to spring 2021

After a summer that has seen the nation embrace gardening like never before, it's time to put gardens to bed until spring 2021.

To not let all that hard work go to waste green fingered Brits are advised on the best flower seeds and bulbs to plant now – to ensure colourful blooms come early spring. These include seasonal favourites such as daffodils, crocuses and primroses.

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'These colder months are the perfect time to be preparing the garden for the warmer climes of spring' explains a spokesperson for Gardening Express.

'By spending a little bit of time outside now, you’ll be able to reap the rewards and have a beautiful garden come spring. It’s important to choose the right bulbs to plant however, as only hardy bulbs, seeds and plants will survive the bitterness of winter.'

6 flowers to plant now for spring blooms

1. Crocus 'Ruby Giant'

purple mauve flowers crocus corsicus

(Image credit: Amateur Gardening)

'These purple-mauve flowers will bloom in February, helping signify the end of winter, and are some of earliest flowering plants in the UK. Crocus Ruby Giant will make a great indoor plant , but will need to be positioned on a window sill to enjoy as much of the late-winter sun as is possible.'

2. Tulips

tulips in the garden

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Bolton)

'The long stem and unique shape of a Tulip makes it a great flower for any garden. They can flower any time between March and May and are very easy to grow.'

'They need to be planted somewhere in the garden which will enjoy as much sun as possible but need to be sheltered from strong winds.'

3. Daffodils

daffodils flower

(Image credit: Amateur Gardening)

'Otherwise known as Narcissus, for many the bright yellow of a Daffodil signifies the end of dark nights and the optimism that spring brings.'

'These can often be bought in many supermarkets due to them being popular in the cut flower trade, however they are very simple and easy to grow from a bulb.'

4. Primroses

primroses in pot on the patio

(Image credit: Amateur Gardening)

'Offering a splash of colour to help welcome spring, these early blooming plants will sit well in a planter or straight into your border.'

'These small flowers also look great in the front of any deep border or set in front of a green hedge. Colours can vary from deep blues to fresh whites and bright pinks.'

5. Hyacinths

blue grape hyacinths

(Image credit: Michelle Garrett)

'These hardy plants can thrive both indoors and outdoors and will thrive in an area where they have full sun. They will not flower in shade and need moist soil.'

'Too wet or too dry and the bulbs will not grow into flowers. Certain bulbs can flower in January, however they need a lot of special care.'

6. Snowdrops

white snowdrops flowers

(Image credit: Future PLC/Michelle Garrett)

'Snowdrops are often the first bulbs to flower in the new year and despite looking extremely delicate are hardier than they look – even flowering in snow.'

'They thrive in wet soil and will do well in partially-shaded areas such as around deciduous trees.'

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Will you be potting in the garden this week to be ready for Spring?


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