The homes that Carrie Bradshaw built: Sex and the City tops list of TV shows with the most inspirational interiors

We loved her sky-scraper heels, her kooky outfits and, in the end, we even loved Big. But it turns out the thing we most envied about Carrie Bradshaw was her walk-in wardrobe and floor-to-ceiling bookcase, according to a new survey revealing TVs most influential homes

If you shed big salty tears when Sex and the City finally left our TV screens nearly 10 years ago, you'll be delighted to hear that Carrie Bradshaw's legacy lives on - at least when it comes to our homes.

According to a survey by MORE TH>N Home Insurance, Carrie's bijou apartment from the iconic show is the most inspirational living space on TV.

A whopping 45% of those surveyed said that they aspired to re-create Carrie's famous walk-in wardrobe in their own home, spending more than £530,000 on replicating the look.

sarah jessica parker as carrie bradshaw in sex and the city

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A further 38% want to bag the floor-to-ceiling bookcase featured in the show, while 30% were inspired by the apartment's flowing white curtains.

Taking a selection of famous apartments from shows such as Friends, Mad Men and even 'reality' homes from TOWIE, the survey reveals just how influential on-screen living spaces are on Britons' homes.


Of the 3,000 homeowners suveyed, 31% said that TV sitcoms and dramas were a major source of inspiration when it comes to decorating their own homes and, what's more, they put their hard-earned money where their mouth is.

Those surveyed spend on average £4,000 to re-create aspirational homes on TV - that equates to over £3.5 million in total.

Matthew Poll from MORE TH>N commented: ‘There are countless TV programmes, magazines and books dedicated to inspiring interior design; however, it's fascinating to see just how many homeowners are turning to sitcoms, dramas and even the likes of TOWIE as a source of inspiration for their own homes.

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‘Given how much time we invest in TV shows, it's perhaps not surprising that those same living spaces leave an indelible impression on homeowners and some clearly come at a significant cost.’

And while Carrie's flat is far-and-away the most inspirational on-screen home, it's the Norcross home on TOWIE that is the most expensive to re-create, with homeowners spending on average £3,000 on a range cooker, plasma-screen TV and a pool table to ape the decadent Essex style.

Don Draper's Mad Men apartment also fared well, coming in a respectable second in the poll, while oak table lamps and chandeliers are a popular choice with Downton Abbey fans.

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the least inspirational TV home is Del Boy's 1970s-style extravaganza from Only Fools and Horses. While retro may be staging a comeback, it turns out that tiger rugs and cocktail bars may have had their day...

Most Popular TV living spaces:

1) Carrie Bradshaw's apartment (Sex and the City)

2) Don Draper's apartment (Mad Men)

3) Monica's apartment (Friends)

4) Norcross home (The Only Way Is Essex)

5) Sheldon's apartment (Big Bang Theory)

6) Frasier Crane's apartment (Frasier)

7) Downton Abbey interiors

8) Joey's apartment (Friends)

9) Del Boy's flat (Only Fools & Horses)

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