Click to Try: new technology might make fitting rooms a thing of the past and morning routines a lot easier

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  • Virtual wardrobe technology is anything but clueless as new software makes the decision-making process behind picking the perfect ensemble easier than ever

    The cinematic experience is often there to open minds, ignite inspiration and invoke dreams of a different and often better world.

    When aspiring to the stuff of celluloid dreams, one technology company’s thoughts appear to have been cast back to iconic mid-1990s film Clueless and the wardrobe technology of fashion-forward style diva Cher Horowitz.

    With a collection of clothing to rival any better department store, Cher’s wardrobe required a computer sorting technology – though crude by today’s standards – that, at the time, was a revolution in decision-making and just one of many moments in the film that stuck with fans everywhere.

    Now, thanks to tech company Von Bismark, a very similar (and more slick)
    virtual wardrobe system will soon be a thing of the high street.
    Using Microsoft’s Windows 8.1, Kinect 3D and skeletal-tracking
    technology, the virtual wardrobe experience identifies the user’s body
    shape and allows a drag-and-drop approach to choosing the right outfit.

    With plans for home use still a while off being part of our daily routine, the virtual wardrobe technology is set to be used at airports and in pop-up shops on the British high street by this summer.

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