Charming three-bed cottage overlooking the Vicar of Dibley church is for sale

No, no, no, no, yes!

You might recognise this adorable three-bed cottage, that’s because it’s located in the village of Turville — where the popular TV show The Vicar of Dibley was filmed.

Dibley may be a fictional place, but Turville is very much alive and kicking, having been used for various filming projects over the years.

The three-bed property for sale offers stunning views of the picturesque village and even overlooks the church which features heavily in the BBC show.

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exterior of cottage with brick wall and pathway

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While the charming cottage didn’t feature in the programme as a named location, it’s thought to have appeared in the background numerous times.

vicar of dibley house with brick wall and plants on wall

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The Buckinghamshire house boasts three bedrooms, one bathroom and one reception room. There's also a study, a loft room, a garage and a pantry attached to the kitchen.

It’s currently on the market, with agents Chancellors via Zoopla, for £625,000  — slightly higher than the price it was last sold for in 2016. It's also worth a fair bit more than other properties in the RG9 postcode, which sell for an average of £514,939.


bedroom with white wall and white window

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The cottage is also just a stone’s throw away from the vicarage — home to the character of Geraldine Granger, played by Dawn French.

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kitchen with wooden cabinet and dinning room

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The cottage features a traditional country kitchen.

The cottages in Turville mostly date back to the sixteenth century and seem to have remained with little change in this untouched rural part of England.

garden with wooden fence and green trees

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Alongside some recognisable houses, Turville is also home to a historic pub, The Bull and Butcher Inn, a pre-school and Ibstone Windmill, located at the top of a high ridge.

While it might seem like a rather remote location, the village has good access to the M40 Motorway and Henley and High Wycombe stations for trains to London.

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Those looking to put an offer in should act fast, as we have a feeling it won't be on the market for very long!