Homeowner makes budget garden furniture using old tyres and string

Is 'Stringing' the new DIY craze to take over?
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  • Next time you see an old car tyre going to waste, you know what to do! Take a leaf out of this resourceful homeowner’s book and turn it into a bespoke piece of garden furniture

    Alicia Mellor, from South Yorkshire, creates stunning one-off furniture pieces for next to nothing – using old tyres and string. A technique Alicia refers to as ‘stringing’.

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    Alicia’s upcycled tyre garden furniture

    tyre garden furniture

    Image credit: Alicia Mellor

    ‘It all started with two old lamps and some garden string!’ Alicia explains to Latest Deals. ‘I’ve always been crafty, so I thought I’d string wrap them to give them a revamp. This then led to me making more things.’

    ‘It’s so therapeutic and such an easy thing to do,’ says Alicia. ‘Soon I had all my friends, family and colleagues stringing everything in sight!’

    ‘That led me to an old tyre I had lying around. My husband laughed when I said I was going to string it and make a table,’ she recalls. ‘But several hours later I had one natural jute twined tyre.’

    Tyre cut in half to make coffee table base

    Image credit: Alicia Mellor

    ‘The bottom is just a tyre cut in half and turned upside down, then sparkle sprayed’ Alicia explains.

    Image credit: Alicia Mellor

    Here is the old tyre covered with the grey string, to form the unique outdoor table top. To recreate you simply secure the string around the tyre, then wrap it around tightly until the tyre is completely covered.

    ‘I haven’t bought anything other than the string,’ Alicia explains. She used an old recycled garden table for the table top part of her grey feng shui table.

    Upcycled tyre pouffe

    Image credit: Alicia Mellor

    Using green twine, she’s even made a pouffe to match the bedroom decor.

    Here’s how she wraps the string…

    Tyre wrapped in garden twine

    Image credit: Alicia Mellor

    Alicia says creating her one-of-a-kind pieces was the perfect distraction during lockdown.

    ‘It’s been amazing creating beautiful things with almost all recycled items and online ordering,’ she adds.

    Alicia estimates by sourcing most of the items for free she’s only spent between £6 to £35 on each tyre creation.

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    Will you be ‘stringing’ like Alicia from now on?

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