Add to your house plant collection with this genius new range from Dobbies

Make a big impact on your home, not the environment
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  • Dobbies has launched a new range of house plants with a twist to feed our greenery addiction. Dobbies sustainable house plants range will make a big impact on our homes, but not on the environment.

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    What makes this new range stand out is that each stunning house plant is housed in a coir pot. Dobbies have swapped the regular plastic pots for pots made out of coconut coir.

    The coir pots are made out of the husk of coconut shells from coconut farms, the part that would usually go to waste. The coir pots have a life span of two years, so by the time the coir starts to degrade your house plant will need potting up. Because the coir biodegrades you can simply place the whole thing in a new larger pot, simple.

    Dobbies sustainable house plants range

    Dobbies sustainable houseplants 1

    The new sustainable pots have a range of other perks aside from being eco-friendly. They are breathable, allowing air to easily pass through the pot supporting healthy root growth.

    ‘House plants are naturally a happy home update and the launch of the coir pot range has the added benefit of not only being good for your home but good for the environment too,’ explains Claire Bishop, House plant Buyer at Dobbies.

    Dobbies sustainable house plants 2

    Buy in store: Hoya Heart, £6.99, Dobbies

    ‘We are always looking at ways to enhance the environmentally-friendly credentials of our collections and the coir pots stood out to us as a must-have addition. Being made from natural, organic materials that are fully degradable,’ she adds. ‘Firm favourites that feature in the striking line-up include the ever-popular Calathea and an eye-catching Pleated Sansevieria.’

    ‘Greenery made greener has been one of my favourite ranges to work on to date and we hope customers love the range as much as we do.’

    Dobbies sustainable house plants 3

    Buy in-store: Pleated Sansevieria, £6.99, Dobbies

    With prices starting at £6.99 these all-around sustainable house plants will make the perfect gift for friends (or yourself). The adorable heart-shaped Hoya Heart is one of our favourites for adding a little flair to your houseplant collection.

    And as Claire said, we can’t resist the intricate Pleated Sansevieria. Style yours on a curated bookshelf or a dressing table for a splash of green.

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    You can shop the new range in-store at Dobbies.

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