eBay reveals interiors are feeling the McMafia effect

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  • It's become more than just the talk of the office, gangster drama McMafia is set to rule our homes

    As the plot thickens on McMafia it’s not just James Norton, aka Alex Godman, that’s triggered high search volumes – come on who else hasn’t googled the rumoured new James Bond since watching the show?!

    eBay has revealed us Brits are searching to emulate the show’s seriously stylish interiors, with high searches for many iconic furniture and furnishing pieces featured, There’s no doubt Mr Norton is a major highlight of this new series, but it would appear he’s not the only star of the show to grab our attention!

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    Image credit: BBC Images

    Since featuring prominently in the TV series eBay has reported seeing two searches every minute for ‘Chesterfields sofas’ in the first week of January following the show’s debut on 1st Jan. With nearly 4,000 listings, the online marketplace has seen 40 Chesterfield Sofas sold every day in the last three months – helped in January by the McMafia.

    McMafia eBay

    Image credit: eBay Ottomane Oxford Chesterfield

    And as the series heats up, it’s not just the furniture that Brits are seeking, it’s the lifestyle. The interiors featured in the show are elegant to say the least, they effortlessly exude sophistication. Clearly inspired by this look eBay reveals there have been 1,200 searches for chandeliers and 300 searches for drinks trolleys during the first week of the show being aired.

    McMafia - ebay

    Image credit: John Lawrence Jones/Country Life

    The interiors world has seen a rise in popularity for the retro drinks trolleys in recent years, now more than ever it would seem.

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    Image credit: BBC Images

    Here is Mr Norton in all his smouldering glory – that might well be a chandelier in the background, possibly a candelabra but quite frankly who cares he’s dishy.

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    As the show heats up we can only hope for more glorious interiors inspiration.

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