Five ways this fridge will change your life

Eat your heart out Marty McFly, Spielberg never anticipated this...

John Lewis has just unveiled its 'Smart Home Experience' at the flagship Oxford Street store. Opening its doors on the 7th April, the 1,000 square foot space showcases futuristic gadgets across four interactive zones: kitchen, entertainment, sleep and home monitoring.

The technology is integrated into each zone demonstrating how customers can save time, effort and enhance busy lives by controlling their home through the touch of an app on their smart device. Partners are fully briefed and able to offer customers comprehensive advice on the technology.

Undoubtedly the product likely to cause the most stir is the highly anticipated Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge. Previewing exclusively at John Lewis Oxford Street, the fridge will be available from June. It features a built-in 21.5" touch screen which brightens automatically as you approach and actually has the ability to enhance your life in several ways...

1. See inside your fridge whilst out shopping - Three cameras inside the fridge allow you to see what's on the shelves from your smart phone so you'll never be left wondering how much milk you have left when you're out shopping. The images refresh 10 seconds after the fridge door is shut.

2. Get the morning briefing - This fridge is so clever it will give you a morning briefing, based on your memos, of what the day ahead involves.

3. Watch TV on your fridge - The Samsung tablet on the fridge door is able to mirror screens around your home meaning you can watch TV, Netflix, You Tube or listen to music on your fridge.

4. Never waste food again - The fridge has a calendar so it will remind you when certain foods need eating.

5. Gives you a weather forecast - The home screen of the fridge's tablet can be customised but its popular to chose a clock and weather briefing.

See inside the fridge from the outside and from your smart phone.

The fridge will alert you as to when food will go off.

The Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge retails at £4,499 but if you think that's expensive check out these fridges from Smeg...

Thea Babington-Stitt
Managing Editor

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