Savvy couple transforms beige kitchen with DIY job – all for under £60

Sometimes all you need is a lick of paint

A new kitchen doesn't come cheap. However, one savvy couple transformed their kitchen from boring beige to bang on-trend with this £60 kitchen makeover.

Chloe Bradley, a teaching assistant from Stockton-on-tees, moved into a new build home with her boyfriend Tom. However, the pair weren't taken with the kitchen colour scheme.

'We bought our first house just under a year ago. It's a new build but we didn't get to choose our own kitchen colours because the build stage was already past that point when we reserved,' Chloe told

frenchic kitchen makeover before and after

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 'Although it wasn't an awful kitchen, if just really wasn't to our taste and wasn't what we would have chosen. The rest of our house and decor is more of a grey colour palette, so it just really didn't match our whole aesthetic,' explains Chloe.

Frenchic kitchen makeover

At first, Chloe looked into replacing the unit doors with grey ones. However, the couple had a baby on the way so needed to keep to a tight budget.

Instead, Chloe decided to have a go at repainting the doors with Frenchic Al Fresco Greyhouse paint, to bring her grey kitchen ideas to life.

frenchic kitchen with unit doors with grey ones chimney and kitchen hub and wooden flooring

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'I took a few doors off at a time and unscrewed the handles,' she explains. 'I then gave them a really good wipe down with some sugar soap and a clean cloth to remove any leftover grease or dirt.'

'The doors were high gloss to start with so I had to sand the surface of the doors with sandpaper to help the paint adhere better.'

'I then painted each door using a Frenchic paintbrush. I did four very thin layers. The key to using this paint is really thin layers and leaving an hour between each coat,' says Chloe.

'Once I had painted all the doors and reattached them, I left the paint to cure for a couple of days before I reattached the handles.'

frenchic kitchen corner

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Get the look: Al Fresco Grey Hound Paint, £17.95, Frenchic Furniture Paint

'I took me a couple of days to paint all of the doors as I took them off a couple at a time, and had to wait for each coat to dry. But it was definitely worth the time and hard work.'

Chloe was thrilled with the end result of painting her kitchen cabinets which cost her just £60, including paint, brushes and cleaning supplies.

'I'm honestly so pleased with how it has turned out,' she adds. 'I've not got a kitchen than I love and I've had so many compliments from friends and family and followers on my Instagram. I can't believe it's the same kitchen!'

Sometimes all you need is a tin of paint, to make a big difference.

Rebecca Knight
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