What’s for dinner, darling? Meet the brainy fridge that keeps track of your groceries and tells you what to cook

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  • Is it a fridge? Is it a personal assistant? Samsung's incredible new appliance is a bit of both and it could be coming to your kitchen soon

    You know the feeling… you come home ravenous and open the fridge, only to be confronted with an out-of-date yogurt, a brown lemon and a Tupperware container of unidentifiable furry leftovers.

    Well, not any more, thanks to Samsung’s latest innovation, the T9000 fridge-freezer.

    Yes, it may sound more like a Terminator than a kitchen appliance, but this futuristic fridge and its army of apps could change your life.Pretty cool: Samsung's new T9000 fridge-freezer keeps track of your food, grocery list and recipes on a built-in screen

    Set an expiration date on its LCD screen as you put groceries or leftovers away and it’ll remind you when they need to be eaten.

    Find yourself in need of culinary inspiration? It will search the Epicurious database of recipes and come up with suggestions based on the ingredients you’ve got to hand.

    It also runs the Evernote
    app, so you can add to your shopping list while your partner is at the
    supermarket and it will update the list on their smartphone accordingly.
    We have to admit, we like the idea of sending them out for a pint of
    milk, then sneakily adding extra items until they’re unwittingly doing
    the entire weekly shop.

    As we get busier, our appliances are getting cleverer, so a fridge that helps you organise your kitchen (and your life) seems like a logical step  Photograph David Still

    And that weekly shop might work out cheaper than usual, as you can expect coupons to pop up on the fridge’s screen from time to time.

    The T9000 isn’t available in the UK yet, but when it does launch, we’ll be first in the queue. Now, if it could just do the cooking for us, too…

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