Take a look around Havona House – Notting Hill’s most expensive home

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  • It's got a garage like the Batcave and the most gorgeous indoor pool!

    If Richard Curtis is looking to film a sequel to Notting Hill, we’ve found the perfect location. Havona House is a Hollywood heartthrob of a house, located right in the middle of London’s famous ‘village’. We can just imagine Julia Roberts/Anna Scott gliding about the place, can’t you?

    The property has just popped on to the market for a cool £25 million. But in its defence, unlike a lot of London properties, you do get your money’s worth. This place is FANCY!

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    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    Let’s start in the front hall, where you’ll find this stairway from heaven. It winds up through several floors – the house is set over seven storeys in all. And if you can’t manage the stairs, there’s also a lift.

    Mallinson Architects and Engineers constricted the staircase, using white stone with metal balustrades and a polished wooden rail. Colourful lighting hangs elegantly through the middle.


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    From the hall, you can access the basement, home to a Batman-style garage, where cars are transported to street level on motorised platforms. Told you it was fancy!


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    The basement also houses a 70 foot-long swimming pool, with a floor that can be raised and lowered so you can have a paddle, a proper swim, or use the space as a banqueting hall. It’s joined by a gym, sauna and hammam.


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    Let’s head to the lower ground floor now, and into the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to prepare a Sunday lunch here? Or maybe get a chef in to do it for you…


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    Turn around and there’s a casual dining and living room, which in turn leads out into a small-but-perfectly-formed garden.

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    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    Looking for somewhere more formal to eat? How about this space?


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    With its reclaimed oak parquet flooring and elegant after-dinner lodge area, it’s as smart as any of the nearby restaurants. It’ll certainly do for us.


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    On to the bedrooms now – there are seven in total. All as stunning as this.


    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

    The bathrooms are equally impressive. Is there such a thing as too much marble? Not if this space is anything to go by.

    Image credit: Casa e Progetti/Roxstone

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