The best garden shed in the world? Step inside this Hobbit-inspired build

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  • Meet the interior designer who takes her inspiration from nature

    Swiss-born interior designer, Lili Giacobino, turns fantasy ideas into real life through her interior design – as you can see by her impressive Hobbit House creation.

    ‘My inspiration is nature; that’s where it all starts,’ Lili told Housetohome. ‘Growing up in Switzerland, I was always surrounded by trees and so I like to use natural materials for my work. I love how there’s no such thing as a straight line in nature and my creations respect the materials they are made from by remaining native in both their look and shape.’

    And what materials she can’t find from the outdoors, she recycles from other building projects:

    ‘The Hobbit House uses recycled floorboards and reclaimed portholes found second hand, which came from a ship that had travelled the world. These additions create a lovely sense of adventure and narrative for the project, much like the novel it was inspired from.’

    After much careful planning and design, the Hobbit House only took four days to make.
    And, although it’s small, Lili believes that it is not about how much space you have but how it is utilised to the best of its ability.

    Used as a garden shed, Lili is really pleased with how it turned out, saying that ‘it was always a childhood dream.’

    ‘obsession with curves’ is clearly shown by the shape of the house and the wooden door, which was made from left over flooring that was used in her house.

    Some of her other wacky ideas include a giant birds nest for her cats, made out of twigs and branches that she collected from Richmond Park, and a banister that replicates the branches extending from a tree.

    Like this? Then you’re going to love this Middle Earth hobbit house – on the market for £200,000.

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